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Title: Christmas in Prague.
Author: Joyce Hannam.
Genre: Romace
Publisher: Oxford Bookworms Library.
Level: Elementary.

The story began in 1957 when some people wanted to go out of Czechoslovakia because the people weren´t free.
A night a young woman wanted to cross the border of Austria and she carried a six-month old baby boy in her arms but the guards killed her.
In 1995 a new story began. The harpish woman was called to play in an orchesta in Prague, she was living with her husband and her father in law and they went to Prague.
When she was there, she found a man that looked exactly like her husband but then she had an accident. After that she was in a hospital, and her husband and her father in law went to visit her. While they were speaking with her a man came in the room. In the end this man was her husband’s twin brother and they began a new life as a family.

It is a very beautiful story. I think the book is great.

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  1. Anonim Said,

    Yes , it’s a very beautiful story!

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