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                                   AUTHOR: MANDY LOADER

“Eye of the storm” it’s a Mandy Loader’s book. She is a writer and she was born in U.K. She has written numerous language books and courses, but particularly enjoys writing readers.
This book is a romance and fright novel. It’s a funny and curious book, about love and the power of the force of nature, and how this force changes the life of the characters who appear.
The principal event of this story is a terrible storm that menaces the coast of Miami and the people who live there.


Ikemi: she is a young girl who lives near Florida Beach, in Key Biscane to be precise. She is in love but sad because her father does not approve of her relation.
Hiru: he’s Ikemi’s father. He’s a widower and he’s very worried about Ikemi. Fishing is his favourite hobby; while he’s fishing, he forgives his problems and also forgives the death of his wife. He doesn’t approve of Ikemi’s relation, and he’s a very obstinate man.
Max: is  Ikemi’s boyfriend. He is a funny and good person. He loves IKemi very much, and he is a boy who works very hard. He goes to flying classes at the flying school.
Ross Peters: he’s  Max’s teacher at the flying school. He is fond of Max because he thinks that Max is a boy who works hard to get his dreams and illusions.
Rick and Elaine Bridges: are a married couple who live in a flat with their two children, and they fight against the storm for their lives and the lives of their children.


The story begins when Ikemi tells Max that she can’t see him again because her father disapproves of their relation.
The next day a storm comes to Florida while Hiru is fishing in the sea. Ikemi is very worried because her father doesn’t answer her calls. Ikemi finds Max in the marina, near the beach, and then they go to find Hiru on a plane that is the property of Ross Peters.


The book is easy to read and it was an exciting and entertaining story.
My favourite part of the story is when Ikemi and Max are in the eye of the storm. In my opinion, this part is really well described, because we don’t know how it will end.


I would recommend reading this book, because I think that it is easy to understand and it lets you have a good time reading it, and in my point of view, this type of books can serve us to learn more easily.

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