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“The seven stories in Man from the South and other Stories are brilliantly funny and unforgettable”

I really agree with this opinion. It is not only a funny or a mistery book, it´s more than that. Reading the stories, you can´t ever imagine what is going to happen, or how there are going to finish, so the person who´s reading them can´t stop doing it until he (or she) has know the end.

One of the stories that I have enjoyed a lot is called “The landlady”, where we can read a very unexpected end. We couldn´t have imagined that the woman stuffed all her clients! But this book also makes you think, like in “The vicar´s pleasure”, where we have to think if the commode should have been broken to give a leasson to the vicar, who wanted to became rich trying to buy people´s good furniture without telling them their true value, or if this end was only very bad luck for the vicar. We can also read about a crime, like in “Pig”, or about a strange bet on a Cadillac and a cut finger, like in “Man from the south”.

Finally, I would like to say that if you want to have a great time and enjoy reading a book whose writer is considered one of the best mistery writers in the world, please have a look at “Man from the south and other stories”.

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