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“The seven stories in Man from the South and other Stories are

brilliantly funny and unforgettable”

The upper-intermediate’s students had to read “Man from the South and other stories” and I must give my opinion about it. Was the book brilliantly funny and unforgettable? In my opinion, the book was funny to read but not brilliantly funny.

Firstly, not all the stories are good. I found “Pig” and “The Vicar’s pleasure” very interesting but the stories “Man from the South” or “An African Story” are strange and, in my opinion, the dog’s death was hard for me. I’m very sensible about animals. In addition to this, the end of “The Vicar’s pleasure” made me laugh a lot, but, I think, we would need to know what happened when the “Vicar” saw the commode after being destroyed by the three men.

Secondly, not all the stories have an original argument. From my point of view, “The Landlady” has a final that we know previously, like a film in “Antena 3”. Why did not the young man run away when he saw the strange things? Instead of this, he drank more tea! The dog and the bird were dead, are these things not strange enough?

On the other hand, I think this book will be unforgettable because when we see a pheasant or raisins we will think in “The Champion of the World” and we know how to catch them!

Finally, in my opinion, the book is good and funny but not enough. You can read them and enjoy it but in the end you will have thought: “It has not been the best book I have ever read!”

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