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The book I have read is “The Boy in the striped pyjamas”, written by John Boyne, . In my opinion it is a true-to –life story, very true to life.

It is set in Germany, during World War II, and tells the story of a lot of Jewish people who were sent to a concentration camp and lived there without any human rights. Eventually they were exterminated inside the gas chambers.

The end of the book is very dramatic, but realistic. It tells how the sincere relationship between Bruno, son of the commander of the nazi concentration camp, and Shmuel, the Jewish boy who lives in miserable conditions, finished. The friendship was so honest, sincere and strong that it finished with the death of both children.

It shows how important human relationships are and how the horror of war can affect everyone, even the killers. However, it’s a pleasure to read the different chapters because through them we can know the personality of different people with their positive and negative attitudes.

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