Nacho’s holidays

18 12 2009


I went to Lanzarote with my sister, my dad, my mum and my cousins.I went by plane.I visited Timanfaya National Park.I went to swimming pool and shops.The weather  was sunny 


5th grade


16 12 2009

My  Holidays

I went  to Barcelona  with  my dad, my mum and my  sister.

I went  by car.

I visited  the  Camp  Nou.

I went  to  the swimming  pool.

I went  to  the  cinema.

The  weather  was  sunny.

Xulio  Argüelles López

5º EP


16 12 2009

My holidays

I went to Tineo with my dad, mum and brother.

I went by car.I visited Luarca and Ibias.

I went to the beach.

The weather-was some times cloudy, others sunny and several days rainy. 


5th grade


13 11 2009

My holidays

I went to Santillana Del Mar with my mum, my dad and my brother.

I went by car.

I visited the museum and San Vicente De  La  Barquera.

I  went to the swimming pool, rode my bike and played football.

The weather was sunny.

Adrián Burguet Zapico.

5º EP 


20 09 2009


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Hi, children!!!  Hard to come back to school after holidays?

I would like you to tell me about your holidays… Have you visited wonderful places? … stayed at home?

I’ll tell you about my holidays… but you have to guess!!! Have a look at the photos and and find out which country I visited.

I went by plane.

I had a fantastic time thee: I played golf, I rode a horse, I went canoeing…

I visited some old castles and I learnt an old song about a lady called Molly malone.

The weather was not very good, I was often rainy… but it doesn’t matter. Can you tell me the name of the country? 


14 04 2009


We are going to introduce you some people that are popular in Turón for different reasons.

Do you want to know them?

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6 03 2009

We are 6th grade children. We go to Villapendi school. We want to be Paul’s friends.

Do you want to know more about us? Watch this presentation

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Carnival in Valdesoto

26 02 2009

Hello Paul,

In Valdesoto we are 58 students.
In our classroom there are five boys and four girls from 3rd grade and 4th grade.
In Carnival we can dress up wherever we like. We are very busy in Carnival.
We are going to have a walk in the village.
Then, we are going to eat pancakes with chocolate. We love it!
Our favourite subjects are Asturian, Art, Music and English.
There are many teachers.
Good bye!

Villapendi: 5th Grade

6 02 2009

Hello Paul

More children from Villapendi want to greet you. Here is our presentation.

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Hello from Villapendi

3 02 2009

Hello Paul

 We are from Villapendi. Ester is in 3rd grade and all the rest are in 4th grade. We send you this slideshow to introduce ourselves. We will write more about our school and our village later; our teacher is always busy and she never has time to help us. 

We read about the children from Las Regueras. We are happy to have friends there.

Here is our presentation

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