Hello from Villapendi

3 02 2009

Hello Paul

 We are from Villapendi. Ester is in 3rd grade and all the rest are in 4th grade. We send you this slideshow to introduce ourselves. We will write more about our school and our village later; our teacher is always busy and she never has time to help us. 

We read about the children from Las Regueras. We are happy to have friends there.

Here is our presentation

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3 responses to “Hello from Villapendi”

4 02 2009
Raúl (19:48:23) :

Hi Villapendi!!!!!
Paul is very happy for hearing about you.In a few days some children from Pola de Siero are going to introduce themselves to you.What a wonderful place to Know each other!!!!!!


13 02 2009
Alumnos 3º Las Regueras (11:23:47) :

It’s fantastic.
We have new friends from Villapendi.
We like your school.
See you soon!

13 02 2009
Alumnos 4º Las Regueras (12:49:48) :

We’re happy to have new friends.
We are in the 2nd cycle too. We are 8 pupils in 4th grade and 9 pupils in 3rd.
How many pupils are in your school?
Do you like English?
What’s your favourite subject?

See you soon

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