Windsor castle

29 05 2014


Windsor Castle is in the English county of Berkshire.  It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and the longest-occupied palace in Europe. It is one of the royal residences.

 Here you have an online game; click in the link below and you will become a knight!!!. Have fun!!

Bring on the Battle

I know you are studying Politics and I want to contribute.

As part of the United Kingdom, the basic political system in England is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system.

See you tomorrow!!!


20 02 2014

Cruising for a bruisin

20 02 2014

Last term, Claudia, who is a 4th grade student, brought me the lyrics of this song. I was looking for it in the Internet and I found this video with the lyrics so you can sing along. In the other video you can see the spanish translation.

Click below and enjoy.

The British Museum

6 02 2014

Today, while doing an exercise, one student asked me about The British Museum. It is in London and there we can see different things about human history and culture. Searching for information on the Internet I came across this Web. Here you can find a lot of games to learn more about The British Museum in a funny way.  Just click on the link  and become a young explorer!!!!!

Treasure hunt 4th grade

5 02 2014

Last Wednesday we did a treasure hunt. The students split up into two teams and, following some clues, they had to find a treasure. After running around the school for a while, one team managed to find it!. We had a lot of fun! (even those who didn´t get the prize!!!!). See you soon!!!



It´s Xmas time!!!!!

19 12 2013

The first term has finished and we are about to start our Xmas Holliday. In our classes we have prepared a different kind of Xmas cards…. Click below and enjoy!

Hello everyone!!

5 11 2013

This is a new Blog for my  English students at Xentiquina. I must admit that it is  quite exciting for me because I´d been thinking about it a hundred times and…. finally……I DID IT!!! YES!!!.HURRAY!!!Riendo.

A Piece of Cake is intended to be a new and different way of keeping in touch with you and also sharing what we do in class with your family too. Here you´ll  find pictures, videos, activities and many different stuff  I´ll come across when planing our English lessons. By the way, do you know the meaning of this expression “a piece of cake“?….

Hope you enjoy it!!!


Este es un nuevo Blog para mis alumnos de inglés del colegio Xentiquina. Tengo que decir que para mi es muy gratificante porque llevaba pensando en crearlo  mucho tiempo y, al final, ¡lo conseguí!….¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡SIIIII!!!!!!, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HURRA!!!!.

A Piece Of Cake pretende ser un nuevo espacio para mantenerme en contacto con vosotros y también para compartir lo que hacemos en clase con vuestras familias. Aquí vais a encontrar fotos, vídeos, actividades y muchas otras cosas que “aparezcan” mientras preparo nuestras clases de inglés. Por cierto, ¿alguien sabe qué significa en inglés la expresión “a piece of cake”?……

¡Espero que os guste !