Pe’ s acceptance speech at the Oscar Awards Ceremony

25 02 2009

Congratulations Pe for your Oscar award !

Watch the video and listen to Pe Cruz, speaking English quite fluently( despite being on the verge of a nervous breakdown!!!) but… yes!! she has made that pronunciation mistake that most Spanish people make and that your English teacher is always correcting! PARENTS!!!! and what about the “ed” /id/ in “fainted”!!

OH, Penelope ! we need to improve that pronunciation a tiny little bit!! now that an Oscar statuette has a place of honour on your shelves back home in Alcobendas!!

( She looked gorgeous, didn’t she???

It’s the final countdown! ( NA students)

4 02 2009


We only have four months left to get ready to take the NA exam and, unfortunately, we lack any information about it so we have to” go to the trenches “and start practising all kinds of possible exercises.

I have come across some websites where there are exercises online to practise some of the skills. Let’s start with reading exercises that are part of the CAE exam ( level C1!!!). You are supposed to be a B2 Level!!! so the exam should not be as difficult as this!

But let’s fear the worst!

Go to this website and do some of the reading exercises. They provide the answers too!

CAE Reading part  

Go to the reading section and do all the different parts . There are four.

You can also check out the speaking part of the text where they explain what it is about and provide sample tests.

Check out this other website to do more tests. Listening and Use of English

Examples of the written exam

Here is a list of useful websites with CAE exans and First Cerificate sample tests.

My advice!!! Try to do a couple of exercises per week! If you want I can correct any writing essays you want to hand me as extra work.

Remember I am here to AAE you (assist you, advise you and encourage you) .

* Flo-Jo  All kinds of sample tests

* CAE writing class

*Flo-Jo. First Certificate Practice Tests

* Mansión del Inglés. Information and examples