Mr Bean goes to bed

17 02 2011

What does Mr Bean do?

He brushes his teeth

He goes to bed

He reads a comic.

He turns off the light.

He sleeps.

He wakes up.  It’s very noisy ! ( hay mucho ruido)

He goes back to sleep,

He wakes up.

He turns on the TV.

He watches TV.

He sleeps.

He wakes up.

He looks at a poster of sheep.

He counts sheep ( contar ovejas)

He uses a calculator.

He goes back to sleep. ( se vuelve a dormir)

Basic level. Daily routines

17 02 2011

Watch the video and learn daily routines

Another fun  video to practise this vocabulary !

Basic level. Practise telling the time

17 02 2011

Practise telling the time with the following video.

wordbuilding exercises advanced level

17 02 2011

Click on the following links to do some exercises on wordbuilding online.

  Remember  Wordbuilding is an essential when it comes to writing or speaking well! so don’t neglect it!

Exercise one      Food production

Exercise two.  Dress code

Exercise threee.  Kitchen Hygiene