The Royal Wedding, again!!!

28 04 2011

Yes, I know you’re a bit fed up… We’ve been watching the interview in class etc.. but I think it is a good example of how young British people talk; the speed, the rythm etc..

So check out this link in BBC Learning English because it is  quite useful and you have the tapescript too, plus there’s another couple talking about their engagement.

Will you be watching the wedding live next Friday?David and Jennifer (left picture) and Prince William and Kate Middleton

Want to learn some recipes in English?

28 04 2011

Check out this link to the blog HOMECOOKING ADDICT, it’s a bilingual with recipes in English and Spanish for those who love homecooking as much as I do. I have just started so I only have four posts but if you want my scones recipe, you can find it here! I must remember to post the brownie recipe for those who enjoyed it the other day. If you have any recipe in English that you want me to publish in the post, I’ll welcome any suggestions!

Mr Bean goes to bed

17 02 2011

What does Mr Bean do?

He brushes his teeth

He goes to bed

He reads a comic.

He turns off the light.

He sleeps.

He wakes up.  It’s very noisy ! ( hay mucho ruido)

He goes back to sleep,

He wakes up.

He turns on the TV.

He watches TV.

He sleeps.

He wakes up.

He looks at a poster of sheep.

He counts sheep ( contar ovejas)

He uses a calculator.

He goes back to sleep. ( se vuelve a dormir)

Basic level. Daily routines

17 02 2011

Watch the video and learn daily routines

Another fun  video to practise this vocabulary !

Basic level. Practise telling the time

17 02 2011

Practise telling the time with the following video.

wordbuilding exercises advanced level

17 02 2011

Click on the following links to do some exercises on wordbuilding online.

  Remember  Wordbuilding is an essential when it comes to writing or speaking well! so don’t neglect it!

Exercise one      Food production

Exercise two.  Dress code

Exercise threee.  Kitchen Hygiene

1º NI video.April Fool’s Day

26 04 2010

Watch the video about this festivity or tradition in the English speaking world

Watch this video. Penguins that can fly?? Are you pulling my leg???

1º NI video. Mother’s Day

26 04 2010

Making a list of tips on How to…

5 04 2010

 To prepare your class activity about giving tips ( page 64 Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate), check out the following videos from VideoJug.

How to  quit smoking

How to stay fit when you are really busy

 Exam technique

 How to save money on travel

How to save money

or the following articles:

How to learn a foreign language

Enjoy your summer vacation on a budget

I hope this information has been useful !

St Patrick’s Day

15 03 2010


Next Wednesday 17 th March, the Irish( and those who are a little bit Irish in their hearts,like me!) will celebrate St Patrick’s day. Remember to wear something green, to drink a Guinness or Murphys( if you are over 18 years old!!) and to sing an Irish song.

Talking about Irish pub songs… how about this one! Dirty Old Town is a song you will hear in any Dublin pub.

This song is by The Dubliners, a mythical Irish band that I have seen live at the Olympia theatre in Dublin city.


I met my love by the gasworks wallDreamed a dream by the old canal /Kissed my girl by the factory wall /Dirty old town, dirty old town./

  Clouds are drifting across the moon/ Cats are prowling on their beat/ Spring’s a girl in the street at night/ Dirty old town, dirty old town.

  I heard a siren from the docks /Saw a train set the night on fire/ Smelled the spring in the smokey wind /Dirty old town, dirty old town.

  I’m going to make a good sharp axe/ Shining steel tempered in the fire /We’ll chop you down l/ike an old dead tree /Dirty old town, dirty old town.  

Who was St. Patrick? Watch the following documentaries from the History channel and find out.

Click here

I love Irish music but what about Irish dancing…it’s just spectacular.

Watch this clip and listen to one of the best Irish bands, the Chieftains and see some real dancing

and if you still have doubts about st Patrick, come to class on Thursday and we’ll have a special activity on St Paddy’s day.. Remember to wear green !