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October 2010  Reading activity. Unit 6

 In Unit 6 we have been reading an extract from the Speckled Band, a Sherlock Holmes short story, so as part of your first term reading, why don’t you read the whole story?

If you want to read it online, click here. You can also print it if you want.

You can also listen to the following podcast where the story is read. ( Great sound quality)


After reading the story, you can do some activities:


 Vocabulary flashcards:


In Unit 3 we are dealing with personality adjectives. I have found this rather amusing personality test. It won’t take you more than a few minutes.

Click on the smileyBurla   do the test and check out if the description coincides with your own perception. Have you learnt any new adjectives?

In unit 3 we are talking about mind and brain. What do you remember about the brain itself?

Check out some useful info on the following links:

Watch this video for fun!

unit 2 

We are dealing with Healthy living and talking about what is good for your health.

If you are a caffeine addict, maybe it would be interesting for you to take the caffeine test

Interested in other quizzes: go to the following link×23722

Reading Practice:

Read the following article taking from the Reader’s Digest:

“Stress at work could be killing you”

The postholiday workload is grueling, but take time to de-stress: Your heart depends on it.
People who’ve suffered a heart attack and return to super-stressful jobs are at serious risk for a second one. Canadian researchers tracked 972 people for six years after their first attack. When workers returned to a high-stress job, their risk of having another attack doubled after two years compared with less-stressed workers.Having a plan in place to deal with tension is important for all of us, says Randal Thomas, MD, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic: “Exercise is the greatest stress reducer we have.” It’s also the best way to prevent stress in the first place. Do jumping jacks, take a walk or try an under-the-desk pedal exerciser. If you’ve had an attack, think seriously about entering a cardiac rehab program, says Dr. Thomas. It can help you learn to cope and cut your risk of dying from a repeat attack by up to 30 percent.

What do you do to destress and to relax? Send your comment to this blog as writing practice.

Listening practice:

Weight Lifting
Mike talks about the benefits of weight lifting and how he got into pumping iron.

Find the activities and tapescript here:

Writing a for and against essay

Use the following tool to plan your idea before you write a “for and against” essay.

Click on essay map        or on persuasion map and before you write the essay, figure out what you are going to say.

More links:

online exercise linking words

Also go to articles Abril 2008. And read the guide to write a for and against essay-guide.

You will find some useful tips for writing a composition effectively and you can read a sample essay.

Listening resource

BBC Learning English. Words in the news

Click on the link above to do some extra listening practice.

a) listen without reading the text.

b) listen and read the text at the same time.

c) Read the glossary and listen.

Participle Clauses

Check out this slide presentation to understand participle clauses

Watch movies online for free

Check out this site where you can watch some movies in English online for free. Relax a little bit and watch a movie this week!

click here

Another fantastic site for watching movies is :

Click here for the link

You have sometimes to be patient because it takes a while to load etc… but there’s a great variety of movies and they are listed alphabetically and according to gender: comedy,action etc…

if you are more keen on watching series check out this place: Click here for link. Go to tv shows and there you can find a handful.

The other day in class I told you about this other link. VideoJug Life explained on film

It is worthwhile visiting this site ’cause there are short documentaries on a great variety of topics and they are easy to understand.

click here for link

Fire safety explained. Click and watch video

Surviving an earthquake. Click and watch video

How to treat with minor burns and scalds. Click and watch video

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