Resources for Intermediate Level ( 1 NI)

In this section I will regularly publish resources, materials , links for Intermediate level students to do extra work at home.

In Unit one  Food: Fuel or pleasure?we are exploring the world of food and cooking.

Click on the following link to do some revision on food vocabulary * recommendedRiendo

Download this powerpoint presentation which includes: vocabulary games, reading and listening activities related to food and eating.

Clik on this link:

Do the activity called: Food. an internet activity.pps You can do it online or download it.

In unit 1B we are dealing with Sport.

Click on the link to do some extra work and have some fun!

InUnit 1- Practica English we have dealt with formal introductions.

Click on the Riendo smiley and watch some scenes from the tv sitcom “Friends” in which we can see some informal introductions. The video clips have subtitles in Spanish.

In Unit 4A.  we are learning vocabulary about  school.

What do you call “goma”, ” borrador”, tijeras” etc… in English? Let’s revise the vocabulary of school supplies.

Visit another independent school in UK Eton school and find out about it.

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Thanks for this interesting article. I have book marked this site because I hope you post more articles soon, I plan to share this.

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