• Segment  bisector = mediatriz del segmento
  • Angle bisector = bisectriz de un ángulo
  • Size = tamaño
  • Scale = escala
  • Measure = medida
  1.  A compass is a technical instrument that allows us to trace arcs and circumferences.  
  2.   A polygon is a closed plane figure made up of a finite number of straight-line segments.   
  3.   Regular polygons can be constructed by knowing the side or radius of the circumference in which they are drawn. 
  4.  What kind of shot is it?
  • A) Close-up shot
  • B) Full shot
  • C) American shot 

5.Human beings interact with their surroundings and our world seems to be made to measure for humankind.
6. Scale is the ratio of proportionality existing between the true dimensions of an object and those of its representation.

     7.  Thales´s  theorem  is a method that is used to:

  •     Divide a segment or/and a circle into equal parts.
  •      Make identical or similar copies of shapes.


8.    How do they celebrate Halloween in USA? They dress up and  trick or treat!
9.  Who was  Martin Luther King ?A civil Right activist.  

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