I miss you!

16 03 2009

unidad.jpgMy dear students

I miss you so much! I’m improving my English in this course. It’s worth but it’s also a bit hard.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Hasta la próxima semana.

Mientras tanto, ¡¡trabajad un montón!!


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3 Comentarios a “I miss you!”

19 03 2009
teresacd (19:59:15) :

Dear mate:
I miss my students too. But I agree with you that the course is so interesting that I would return every year if it was possible. Unfortunately, It wasn`t.
See you.

26 03 2009
Sara (10:59:42) :

Thanks you very much. I miss you too.
I am really happy because tou came to class.
The page is very good and interesting.
See you.

26 03 2009
Raquel (22:54:19) :

Hi teacher!
I think the same than Sara. I very happy becouse you came again to our class. The other teacher is very boring! =(
You don´t go away again! The class with you is very funny and imaginative.

Thank you very much!!

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