Celtics knots

5 10 2009

We are going to decorate the front cover of the class folder with a  Celtic Knot this week.

Let’s learn how to draw a Celtic Knot.

Celtic Knot Tutorial

Step One


Begin by drawing a nine-part square as shown above. Use Pencil!! You’re going to do lots of erasing, so don’t make anything permanent yet…AND have a rubber eraser on stand-by!

Step Two


In the four corner squares, rough in gently-rounded shapes with points aiming out towards the corners.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should try to fill the grid space as much as possible. Once you finish that, move to your outside middle squares and sketch in straight lines as shown.

What you’ve just done, sets the backbone of your design. One part of it anyway. Moving on….

Step Three


Now you’re going to add a bit more detail. Go to your corner squares and mark out the interior edges of your design.

Don’t make them too skinny: this is a very simple design with a minimum of lines, so you want to fill out the space or it will look weird.

Now go to your outside middle squares and mark out the inner and outer curves. Again, don’t be skimpy and try to use a consistent width throughout.

Step Four


Finish off the loops by connect the open dangling ends and unfinished curves with the next open sections in the design. Refer to the picture for reference. It can get tricky, so just take your time. Use gentle, simple strokes to hook it all together.

Looking nice, isn’t it? You now have the first continuous loop finished. Let’s go make your second loop.

Step Five


Draw straight lines in the outer, middle squares as shown in the picture above. Add marks for innner and outer curves.

Before moving on, draw dots in the centers of all four corners. These will guide you and help you stay consistent when you drawn in the rest of the lines.

Step Six


Connect all of those sections and open ends together with their adjacent areas as you did with the first loop, in a manner pleasing to you. Don’t force it, just let it flow…smooooooth, flowing lines. You should end up with something similar to what you see above. Awesome work! You’ve almost got it!

Now pull out that trusty rubber eraser for the next section…

Step Seven


It’s Eraser time! Woo-hoo! Oh, I just get so excited for this step!

This is the stage in the process where you get to bring out the true beauty of your artwork. Go through your design and pick out and erase your over and under spots.

A section that is an “over” rests on top of the knotwork, and an “under” is of course, on the below side. Be consistent: if one section is an “under,” the ones on either side of it will be “overs.” Over, under, over, under…throughout. Refine curves and lines as you go.

Look what you did! Magnificent!

Step Eight - Completion


Ink it (redraw your design with ink) and erase all your pencil marks…..voila! You did it! I knew you could. Guiño

You can see one good tutorial at:  http://www.clanbadge.com/tutorial.htm

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2 Comentarios a “Celtics knots”

12 10 2009
Maria (21:06:02) :

Hi teacher! i’m at home and i’m drawing the celtic knot. it is a bit complicated but i do it. =)

20 10 2009
ana 3ºC (19:04:02) :

Hello teacher:
I’m at home and I saw your blog.. it’s very good and interesting¡¡!!
I like a lot of this activity…

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