Amy, our Language Assistant

27 10 2009

Hello! My name is Amy Garwood and I am the English language assistant for the 2009-2010 school year. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin in the United States. I am very excited to be living in Spain and helping the students with English. If you are a student at IES Posada de Llanera you have probably seen me in a class or getting lost in the hallway. In my spare time I love dancing and traveling! While I’m teaching in Posada I hope to get to know the students and teachers, improve my Spanish, and help the students gain confidence with their English. Let’s have a great year :)

I have included a website about my city. We have a National Football League (American football) team called the Green Bay Packers. They are very popular because they won the first Super Bowl ever! The picture below is their stadium, Lambeau Field.  Take a look!


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19 Comentarios a “Amy, our Language Assistant”

3 11 2009
ana (11:20:45) :

Hi Amy! We are ana and Estela, from 1ºESO A
Your city is cool!:D
Your so pretty and funny.:)
We like you are here with us.
one kiss!(K)
Ana and Estela !

3 11 2009
noe y sara (11:20:55) :

hi amy:

We liked your country.Is very beautifulv and is very big and nice.

You have a fantastic stadium.

3 11 2009
fernando (11:21:15) :

helloooooo!!!!!!!!!!! AMY
I am Fernando 1ªeso.I am eleven years old .

3 11 2009
Maria & Cova (12:42:24) :

Hi Amy!
We are Cova and Maria for 3º course! We are very happy with you because you are very friendly and nice.

Maria & Cova. Hugs and Kisses (LL)
Bye! :)

3 11 2009
sofia (16:45:06) :

Hi Amy
I’m Sofia from 1ºeso B
I like your town one kiss

3 11 2009
Ines (19:59:57) :

HI !!! I´m Ines 1º ESO B
Your city is very beutiful and nice . The stadium is very big !
I like your city but I prefer my city !! ( La fresneda )
You are the best teacher of Green Bay :)


3 11 2009
ines (20:03:43) :

HI !!! I´m INES .
Your city is very beutiful and nice . The stadium is very big !
I like your city but I prefer my town !! ( La fresneda )
You are the best teacher of Green Bay


3 11 2009
Marina (20:30:16) :

Hi Amy!

I´m Marina
I live in Posada de Llanera
I´m 12 years old
I like play football and swimming
The stadium of the photo is very big, in Spain I visited another stadium as big as these. It´s name is Nou Camp and is the stadium of F.C.Barcelona.
I´m very happy to meet you and I hope to learn a lot of English with you.


Marina, 1ºESO B

3 11 2009
David (23:27:27) :

Hello Amy!!!

I´m David. I´m 12 years old,I live in Pruvia, I like playing tennis,my favourite books are The Lord of the Rings. I like very much your city and the stadium is great. You are a very funny teacher.


David 1ESO-B

4 11 2009
Sergio (00:38:27) :

Hi Amy¡ I am Sergio Corominas from first B ESO.
I am 12 years old. I play football and tennis in La Fresneda.
I play the guitar and I sing in a choral too. I want go to Green Bay at see the Super Bowl.
Wisconsin are in top ten of my favourites cities. It’s the number 6.


4 11 2009
Carlos (17:55:23) :

Hi Amy!
I’m Carlos from 3rd B. I like your town. You are the nicest the nicest teacher of the high school.

Carlos A. - 3rd ESO B

PD: U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A…!!!

4 11 2009
ana 3ºC (20:38:42) :

Hello Amy:
I’m Ana and for 3º course¡¡ I think you are the bes teacher, because you are very funny¡¡¡:)
I think you’re city It is big¡¡¡ I saw the page of you’re city and it has a lot of photos¡¡
Ana ;)

6 11 2009
Graci (17:10:04) :

Hi Amy!
Your city soo cool, and big. It’s fantastic I saw some photos about it. You are a great teacher and you’re funny too.;)
Graci 3ºC

7 11 2009
Claudia (17:34:17) :

Hi Amy!
I´m Claudia. I was reading about your city and I think that it is a great city. I would like to visit your city.

P.D: I hope you like Asturias!

10 11 2009
Pelayo 3º B (21:05:32) :

Hi Amy! (:
I like your town, it´s nice and beautiful and the stadium is very big, but I prefere my village, Lugo de Llanera :D
I think that this year we´ll have good times with you! (:

12 11 2009
Raquel (20:56:41) :

Hi Amy!!
I´m Raquel from 2º C. I love your town. You are very funny and friendly. You always help the pupils and the teachers. The story you told us on Halloween in English I liked.

When I was in 1st year of ESO, Isabel was my teacher of plastic. Unfortunately, this year I not study plastic, I study technology, and I miss the blog. Isabel has left me sign on the blog and I thank her. I hope that you enjoy the blog, because Isabel works hard into th blog.(Si no me habeis entendido bien en las dos últimas líneas, quiero decir que Isabel me ha dejado firmar en el blog, aunque ahora no vaya a plástica, y se lo agradezco mucho).

14 11 2009
Isabel (21:19:40) :

Hello Raquel.
Of course you can use this blog and write comments althought you don’t study Arts this course in 2nd eso. I’m very proud of you. I miss you this year in my classes.
I hope you enjoy this course a lot and we will meet in 3º eso!


20 10 2010
carla (15:28:06) :

hello Amy.

I´m carla from 1c .In my class are 2 carla’s i am carla delgado.I live in lugo de llanera.i like your city because i love the U.S.A.I love my town
because is very small.
bye,bye kisss:)

17 02 2011
Martin (03:53:19) :

Hi Amy…
My name is Martin, I am from Indonesia.
This is my blog : graffiti alphabet desain

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