New Year’s Day Gift

1 01 2010

Hello to all. I want to give you this gift for you to enjoy during these days.

I wish you a Creative and Happy New Year

See you soon



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15 Comentarios a “New Year’s Day Gift”

17 01 2010
Raquel (13:59:01) :

I hope you all enjoy it with these wonderful games. The truth is you can not stop playing! They are really fun. Thanks for everything Isabel!!!
My favorite games are the frog and the labyrinth that is becoming increasingly blurred.

See you soon! =)

19 01 2010
ana & andrea (10:41:38) :

We like this page!
I really like the game of Dancig with Michael! :D
see you soon

19 01 2010
Andrea (10:44:48) :

This blog is very fun! i really like all the games.
I like the game of Michael jackson is very funy.

19 01 2010
emilio (10:46:28) :

is very good hello plastica

19 01 2010
Noe and Estela (10:46:38) :

We like a web and games of page

19 01 2010
SOFIA Y ALBA (10:47:36) :

They are Sofia and Alba.
The games are very good and funny.
Bye Bye.

19 01 2010
germaaaaan (10:48:23) :

the blog is fantastic . I like all the games but my favourite game is doble pong
see you soon

19 01 2010
fernando y corominas (10:48:33) :

Hi¡ We are Fernando and Sergio. We are in art class. Now we are in computers and we want say:
I LOVE ART¡¡¡¡¡¡

19 01 2010
David (10:48:51) :

The double pong is very funny.It´s bautiful.
I love double pong.
David Vidal Aguirre
1ESO - B

19 01 2010
Ines (10:49:38) :

Hello , I like this blog , the games , activities, fotos … All the things !!
The games are very fun and I like the Michael jackson dance is very fun
I never stop to play this games
Tahnck youu
Bye =)

19 01 2010
Marina Garcia Grande (18:05:46) :

Hi, I am Marina

I like the blog very much,
because there are very interesting things
for make and for to learn.
The games of this page are fantastic!!!
Bye bye!

Mana 1ºESO

19 01 2010
Marina Garcia Grande (20:34:57) :

Hi, I am Marina.

I am reading the writes and I see that my sign is wrong.

Can you correct my sign, please?. Is Marina not Mana.

Thank you. See you tomorrow

19 01 2010
Sara!!! (20:41:21) :

this blog is great,yo can play,lock photos,study

20 01 2010
Inés V (21:15:13) :

Hello !! I like the Art Class . It´s the best class of the world !! , you go to the computers , the activities are very intersting and very fun , and in the blog you play , you see fotos , … I LOVE ART !!!

26 01 2010
fer (11:38:22) :

my name is Fernando i have 12 years oldI live in la Fresneda.
I love art in englis . I am now in art class

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