we had an important visit today

23 03 2010

We have had such important visitors today in class!! Amy’s parents directly from Wisconsin.

We were talking with them, asking things and telling about us. They were so nice and so patient

They were so nice and happy with us. They made us a gift: some easter chocolate eggs!

So fun and interesting! Thankyou!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 03 2010

St Patrick was born in Wales. He was captured as a slave and brought to Ireland. He
herded sheep and pigs on Sliabh Mish mountain in Co. Antrim. He prayed a lot during
this time. Eventually he escaped back to Wales. He was ordained a bishop and returned
to Ireland in 432 A.D.
He preached Christianity all over Ireland. Lots of places are associated with and named
after him

  •  Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo (mountain where he prayed)
  •  Loug Dergh, Co Donegal (a place of pilgrimage)
  •  Down Patrick, Co Down (where St Patrick is buried)
  •  He lit a fire at Easter on Hill of Tara, Co Meath (Tara was the seat of Celtic High King of Ireland)


St. Brigid cross

16 03 2010