colour exercise

13 05 2010

Colors, by Melly Sena
Find this and other colours exercises

Listen the music and complete  with the words from the box:

 you    blue      green   red    colors   world   good night    people   love     what   white     Yes   friends    

What a wonderful world 

I see tree of________

________ roses too

I see them bloom

For me and_______

And I think to myself

What a wonderful________

I see skies of______

And clouds of__________

The bright blessed day

The dark says_______

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world

The  of the _______rainbow

So pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces

Of  _______going by

I see ________ shaking hands

Saying “how do you do?”

They’re really saying,

“I ______ you”

I hear babies cry

I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more

Than I’ll ever know

And I think to myself

 _________a wonderful world

Yes a think to myself

What a wonderful world

Oh, yeah

Triangle of color

11 05 2010

Let’s make a triangle of color.
1. Make an equilateral triangle as large as possible. Then draw another equilateral triangle inside it.
2. Place a primary color at each vertex.
3. In the middle of each side put the mixture of colors adyaccentes.
Follow the example