Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2010


We have made these turkeys!

Brands, anagrams and logos BIG CONTEST

18 11 2010

These are very important elements used in advertising. Brands identify the product, anagrams are made up of  letters related to the products and logos are designs that suggest what the product is.

Vamos a realizar un concurso de logos para nuestro blog Hello Plástica!. Entre todos buscaremos el que mejor se adapte. El ganador tendrá el orgullo de ser el logotipo de nuestro Blog de aula y por supuesto, tendrá un 10!!!! SUERTE Y A TRABAJAR.

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Adversiting: slogans

17 11 2010

Creamos un cartel con un slogan sobre los beneficios de visitar Asturias. Descanso, belleza, contacto con la naturaleza, etc

A slogan is a phrase that is used to emphasise the message of an advertisement. They are usually short, catchy phrases with the intention of convincing the public to buy a product, do something or contract a service.

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A collage of cut-out shapes

16 11 2010

A collage is a technique that is very useful in the creation of compositions where visual perception is important. We can see at the same time the materials used and the colours and shapes it is made of.

Let’s see what you have done

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POINTILLISM: The use of dots as an artistic technique

11 11 2010

The style of painting known as pointillism was first introduced by the French painter named George Seurat, in the nineteenth century. This form of painting can be described as an image that is created by the precise arrangement of a series of dots. Interestingly, from a distance the painting appears to be quite ordinary, but on closer examination, one comes to realize that a thousands of tiny dots come together to form the picture.

Read more: How to Paint With Dots  

Vamos a ver este vídeo realizado por unos niños, donde hablan sobre el arte del Puntillismo.

What Makes a Good Book Cover Design?

5 11 2010

¿Cómo sabemos si una portada de un libro es buena?


Según  Lewis Agrell….

The best covers are those that are the most beautiful. Billions of dollars are spent every year in advertising, fashion and manufacturing to infuse more and more beauty. Why? Because beauty attracts the eye. That’s why the most beautiful models, actresses, cars, houses and boats cost the most money. Beauty is a precious, treasured commodity.

Beauty has specific qualities: harmony, balance, unity, synthesis, and refinement. Designers struggle to make the colors and design elements—fonts, photos, illustrations, and other graphic elements—work in such a way that the greatest beauty is attained.


The  qualities that are necessary to design a good cover are:

  1. Experience: it helps to have tried many different approaches to design work, and learned what does and does not work;
  2. Intelligence: reading as much as possible about the industry is very helpful, because it is important to stay current, not only with the latest design movements and techniques, but also the tools of the trade (computers and software);
  3. Worldly awareness: it helps to know what is going on in the world, because world events are often reflected in design work.
  4. Sensitivity: A designer must be sensitive to the material with which he/she is working, as well as to the needs, desires, and expectations of the client.

Vamos a ver algunas portadas que habéis realizado. Algunas de ellas son realmente buenas.

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