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Blind contour drawing of the palm of your hand- Good for getting you out of your left

brain and focused simply on lines and where edges of objects meet.

Transfer the Plastic Picture Plane into paper

1. Now, you will transfer the main points and edges of your drawing on plastic to your drawing paper.

2. The formats are the same size, so it is a one-to one scale transfer. Using the crosshairs, place the point where an edge of your hand contacts the format. Transfer several of these points.

3. Then, begin to connect the edges of your hand, fingers, thumb, palm, wrinkles, and so on with the points you have established. This is just a light sketch to help you place the hand within the format.

4. Recall that drawing is copying what you see on the picture plane. Don’t worry about erasing the ground if you have to change a line. Erase, then just rub the erased area with your finger or a paper napkin and the erasure disappears.

5. Once this rough, light sketch is on your paper, you are ready to start drawing. Reposition your “posing” hand, using the drawing-on-plasticto guide the positioning. Then, set aside your drawing-on plastic, but place it where you can still refer to it.

6. When you begin to draw, your eyes—or rather, eye—will move slowly along the contour and your pencil will record your perceptions at the same slow speed that your eye is moving.

7. Just as you did in Pure Contour Drawing, try to perceive and record all of the slight undulations of each edge

8. Use your eraser whenever needed, even to make tiny adjustments in the line. Looking at your hand (with one eye closed, remember), you can estimate the angle of any edge by comparing it to the crosshairs. Check these angles in your drawing-on-plastic that you did earlier, but also try to see these relationships by imagining a picture-plane hovering.

9. You may want to erase out the spaces around your hand. This makes the hand “stand out” from the negative spaces.

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