1 05 2013


Hello! I’m Peter Alaimo, the English language teaching assistant at IES Llanera. I’m from the beautiful and almost always sunny California! It has been quite a change coming from the United States to Spain, but I think I have adapted well. Of course, the first thing I’ve noticed that is different from where I’m from us the climate. I hear many people complain about the rain and how it would be great to live in California where it’s always sunny, but I’m very happy here. I think the rain is refreshing. Right now I live in Oviedo, and am having lots of fun exploring the city and meeting the people from Asturias and learning about the culture here. At IES Llanera I’m having a wonderful time working with the students. Apart from learning English, we have done lots of fun projects to show that English is much more than just a class students must take. I try to communicate to them that in English you can tell jokes, make friends, and have a lot of fun. From what I see, the students are reacting very positively! I hope that things continue going well and that I continue to see these wonderful students speak more and more English! 

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