24 05 2013

Paper weaving made from coloured card on a sheet of paper


Basically, weaving consists of passing threads through a series of horizontal threads, known as the weft, and through the vertical threads, known as the warp. Weaving is one of the most ancient forms of human creativity.
Baskets and textiles would not have been possible without weaving


There are many different skills involved in weaving. You can start practising now!


Procedure: Fold one sheet of paper horizontally.


Draw a line about one inch from the open end of the folded paper. This is the limit of cutting.


From the fold, make irregular cuts up to the line. Cuts need not be straight. (The irregular cuts make a more interesting finished product.) Unfold and lay it flat. This will serve as the “warp” and the “loom.”


Measure and cut from the second sheet of paper, one-inch wide by nine-inch strips. These will serve as the “weft.”

Begin by weaving one “weft thread” over one “warp thread” then under the next warp and over the next, etc.

Continue this process alternating over and under with each weft thread. If the previous weft thread went under the warp thread, the following row will begin by going over the warp.

This project can be expanded to challenge the creativity by using more colours, making the weft threads thinner and the designs more detailed. The warp can be measured using rulers and will result in more precise designs. The simple over-under sequence can be altered from every other warp to every second or even third warp to form a regular pattern that will differ from the standard “checker board” style design.

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Make an abstract composition using the strips of card to créate different effects.

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