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modern art movements

Drawing Resources, take a look!

Vocabulario de Halloween

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Actividades en Inglés (.pdf)

Busca la ficha llamada Halloween, bájala, imprímela y realízala.

Sólo tienes que unir cada palabra con la imagen que representa. Guiño

Let’s draw a portrait!

Vamos a empezar a dibujar retratos. necesitamos tener claro qué es un retrato y la manera correcta de hacerlo. Hay una serie de pasos que deberás seguir en este ejercicio. Intenta realizar todo lo que se te propone.

Enjoy it!

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Material that you will need:

various papers, such a rice paper sheets, coffee filter papers, paper towels (absorbent paper will give the best results)Más...2 or 3 vegetable dyes or cold water fabric dyes

Several bowlsString and pegs

How to make this artwork:

1. Fold the sheets of paper into parts (eights or sixteenths). The thinner the paper is, the easier to fold and cut it out.

2. Dip a corner of folded paper into a colour.3. Dip another corner into a second colour. Then remove.

4. Repeat with all corners of folded paper. Unfold and dry

5. Answer this question: Look at your design: Does it follow line symmetry, rotational one or both?

WORKING TIE DYE IN CLASS (trabajando en clase)


Let us practice  a bit of symmetrical shapes.

Click in the image



Christmas decorations used to be put up on Christmas Eve and not before. Indeed, many people believed that it was extremely unlucky to bring evergreens, the traditional item to decorate homes, into the house before that date. In modern Britain, however, most people put up their decorations about a fortnight to a week before Christmas Day (although Public displays are usually in place around 1st December). Few people would now wait until Christmas Eve.

In the weeks leading up to and during Christmas, people hang decorations in their homes.

Most houses in England will have a tree of some sort or other which they decorate and will place the presents under it.

hO w To Make a Star to hang on the Tree 

Make A Star To Hang On The Tree. Our arts and crafts expert Arona Khan shows us how to make your own star as a Christmas tree decoration.

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How to Make A Star To Hang On The Tree

Más...Step 1: You will need

  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Silver cord
  • Scissors

Step 2: Bend pipe cleaners

Bend two pipe cleaners in half and then into quarters.

Step 3: Make loopsMake loops out of each quarter of the pipe cleaners to create figures of eight shapes.

Step 4: Loop of cordCut a long piece of silver cord and tie the ends together to make a loop.

Step 5: Tie togetherPlace the middle of the loop of cord in the centre of the bent pipe cleaners and tie them all together with some more silver cord.

Step 6: FinishTrim off the excess cord and position the loops into a star shape.

  hO w To Make a Christmas  Tree Bauble

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Bauble


Step 1: You will need

  • A washing machine liquid soap ball
  • 2 sheets of tissue paper in different colours
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • double sided tape

Step 2: Tissue paperCut two sheets of tissue paper in half at an angle.

Step 3: Curling ribbonCut a length of curling ribbon

Step 4: Wrap the ballStand the soap ball in the middle and gather the tissue paper over the ball.

Step 5: Tie upTie the gathered paper together with your piece of curling ribbon.

Step 6: Curl the ribbonCut another long piece of curling ribbon and curl it using scissors. Quickly drag the closed scissors along the ribbon to make it curl into a ringlet. Repeat this at the other end. Then tie it around the gathered paper onto the bauble.

Step 7: Make a loopMake a long piece of curling ribbon into a loop and stick the ends together with double sided tape. Then attach it to the bauble in amongst the gathered tissue paper with double sided tape.

Step 8: TrimTrim the tops of the tissue paper with scissors.

Here we find multimedia material to provide information


The History of the Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and counts down the days until the arrival of Christmas. The term Advent comes from the Latin “adventur”, meaning arrival. Many advent calendars have a place for a candy or other treat on each day, helping to heighten the sweet anticipation of Christmas.
The tradition of marking the Advent dates back to the early 19th century, when religious Protestant families made a chalk line on their front door for every day in December until Christmas Eve. According to Sellmer-Verlag, the Dutch on-line museum of Advent Calendar history, the first Advent Calendar was handmade in 1851. Early Advent styles also included the Advent Candle, in which a ring or wreath of 24 candles would be used to illuminate each day until Christmas.
Sellmer-Verlag cites the German-born Gerhard Lang as the inventor of the first mass-produced Advent Calendar. Lang was inspired by the calendars he remembered his mother making for him as a child. She would attach a candy to a hand-drawn cardboard calendar. Instead of candies, Lang’s printed version featured tiny pictures that could be affixed to each day of the Advent. Lang later produced several different versions of the calendar, including ones with little doors to open, revealing a picture for each day.
The German printing company Sankt Johannis capitalized on Lang’s idea, producing calendars with Bible verse instead of pictures behind each window. The Advent Calendar became increasingly popular in Germany and throughout Central Europe until World War II, when manufacturers were forced to shut down production due to the war rationing on cardboard.

By the 1940s, the tradition of the Advent Calendar had jumped the Atlantic Ocean and taken root in American culture. Here, the first chocolate-filled calendars were sold in the late 1950s.

Today, families fill their Advent Calendars with everything from pictures of Jesus and Bible versus to matchbox cars, chocolates or stickers. Some families cleverly save their loot of Halloween candy and repurpose it for their Advent calendars.

Advent Calendars can be printed on cardboard, built from thin-wood boxes, constructed from felt or other fabric, or even erected from Lego’s®. You can purchase a variety of styles of Advent Calendars from online and brick-and-mortar vendors — or you can start a new tradition and make your own Advent Calendar this year.

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I have to learn to pronounce it correctly, and you? spirals.mp3

Here you have another video by Carlos Mozo, the student of 3ºesoB.

Today he explains how to draw spirals… Let’s watch it and learn.

OVALS AND OVOIDS (by Carlos Mozo)

Here you have a video by Carlos Mozo, a student of 3ºesoB.

He explains how to draw ovals and ovoids… Let’s watch it and learn.

Thankyou Carlos!

Regular Polygons

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Geometry vocabulary

Let’s learn some useful words to learn basic geometry

Clic on the image


clic on the image to see a colour wheel very interesting…


The colour

We are going to see the colour in this new UNIT. Enjoy this presentation!

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The visual elements of an image

We can see a presentation with the contents of this UNIT

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

spin and spell

a spelling game very interactive. And it has sound!


Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

If you want to go on studying triangles…

….look at this!


There are 3 ways to classify triangles by their sides and 4 ways to classify triangles by their angles. Isosceles and right triangles have special vocabulary that accompanies them.



Esta película necesita Flash Player 7


Here you have one videodivided in two parts, that will help you to understand the relationship betweeen the line and the dot. Enjoy it!





VOCABULARIO DEL MATERIAL que utilizamos normalmente en clase de plástica.

We prepare the material vocabulary. Para ello, cada alumno escoge un material y lo dibuja con su nombre en inglés en una tarjeta. We will put this cards in the classroom for us to see them during all the course.




  1. BLOC Basic CANSON Guarro hojas de 150gr sin recuadro
  • - Graphite pencil: soft lead (4B) and normal lead (2HB)
  • - Pencil sharpener
  • - Triangular set squares (the 45º and the 60º ones)
  • - Graduated rule of 30 centimetres
  • - A compass box (simple one)
  • - A propelling pencil with the wide lead 0.5 and a box of 0.5 HB graphite leads
  • - Rubber or eraser
  • - Black Felt pen Edding 1200
  • - Stilograph


  • - A booklet of multiple kinds of papers: coloured cards, cellophane, silk paper…
  • - Some DIN A4 white sheets 80gr (around 100)
  • - Coloured pencils
  • - Felt pens
  • - Wax crayons
  • - Stick of glue
  • - Scissors
  • - A DIN A4 folder with a wide edge
  • - Temperas and different paintbrushes (further on)

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