1 05 2013


Hello! I’m Peter Alaimo, the English language teaching assistant at IES Llanera. I’m from the beautiful and almost always sunny California! It has been quite a change coming from the United States to Spain, but I think I have adapted well. Of course, the first thing I’ve noticed that is different from where I’m from us the climate. I hear many people complain about the rain and how it would be great to live in California where it’s always sunny, but I’m very happy here. I think the rain is refreshing. Right now I live in Oviedo, and am having lots of fun exploring the city and meeting the people from Asturias and learning about the culture here. At IES Llanera I’m having a wonderful time working with the students. Apart from learning English, we have done lots of fun projects to show that English is much more than just a class students must take. I try to communicate to them that in English you can tell jokes, make friends, and have a lot of fun. From what I see, the students are reacting very positively! I hope that things continue going well and that I continue to see these wonderful students speak more and more English! 

Some Dutch Teachers in class

19 04 2013

Yesterday we had four visitors in Art class who were with us, drawing and sharing our time. They came from Holland to visit us.

Some teachers of IES Llanera and the duch teachers are preparing an interesting experience about teaching throuth a WebCam.

In a few weeks we we’ll have a lesson with the duch students. I’m exciting about it, and you?

Here you have some Photos of our visitors


1 04 2013

 Today is April Fools’ Day. Are you prepared? Add this simple joke in your pocket and you will be the king!

Switch your friend’s cell phone background image to a photo of cracked glass.


By tradition, in some countries, April 1 or April Fools’ Day is marked by pranks and practical jokes. Notable practical jokes have appeared on radio and TV stations, newspapers, web sites, and have been performed by large corporations. (Wikipedia)


22 12 2012


20 12 2012

Si queréis ver cómo queda la exposición de trabajos, mirad en este enlace…


20 02 2012

Ann Kristin visits us

10 02 2012

Today Ann Kristin visited us in class. She is the languaje assistant of the School of Lugo de Llanera.

She is from Germany and she says she loves big citys. She studies to be an Art Teacher in Cologne University. She loves Spain. She was telling us such interenting things…

She was in the Love Parade in Germany when so many young people died. She was working there as TV Camera- assistant. We were so impressed by the story …

We took a photo together with her!



31 10 2011

Learn and enjoy with this video.


22 06 2011


Lino-Printing ANIMATION

21 03 2011