13 01 2013

Explore line, shape, color and other art basics


27 04 2012


Let’s go to this Web site and draw textures in your paper  as they do. Use graffite pencil or colour pencils as you need.

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29 04 2010














E  X  E  R  C  I  S  E

We are going to re-create this paintind called “The Kiss”  by G. Klimt.

  1. Go on a hunt for some interesting textures.
  2. Use your imagination to invent some textures to add .
  3. Repeat pictures to create patterns and produce a strong unified image.
  4. Stand back and admire.

The Kiss (original Der Kuss) was painted by Gustav Klimt, during his ‘golden period’, and is probably his most famous work. It depicts a couple, in various shades of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background.

Two figures are situated at the edge of a flowered escarpment. The man is wearing neutral coloured rectangles and a crown of vines; the woman wears brightly coloured tangent circles and flowers in her hair. The couple’s embrace is enveloped by triangular vining and a veil of concentric circles.


Have a look at the works of the students 1st eso!

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