24 04 2013


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13 01 2013

Explore line, shape, color and other art basics

Matisse Cut Outs - SHAPES

17 04 2012

Drawing with scissors. Making shapes

Make your own Matisse cut-out Still Life.

Henri Matisse, (1869-1954) was a French artist, often known for his bold use of color and original techniques. He was initially considered a Fauvist . Throughout his life, he worked as a painter, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. In his later years, while confined to a wheelchair, he began what he called, “Painting with scissors”, or as we know them best, paper cut-outs. Paper cut-out art is simple, bold, playful and can be very beautiful and elegant.

This is a great exercise to learn shapes, foreground and background. This is also a good exercise prior to learning how to paint.

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Paul Klee - Lines

10 04 2012

Some of Klee’s line drawings were made by creating a rule and seeing what happened when he followed it.

Try these rules:

1. Obstacle race.

2. A change of direction

3. Curves and points

4. The unbroken Line

Use some ideas to create your own rule for drawing. Now make this into a picture.

See what you have done:

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Informative Visual Communication

23 10 2010

 Look at the news headline and draw an image to communicate it.

33 miners survive 70 days in a mine!

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Congratulations for your work, it’s fantastic!

Visual Communication: Message

22 10 2010

In Visual Communication, the message is the information we want to get across.

Let’s draw a situation where the message is an ecological situation: the trees and plants (which are personified) are happy in a perfect environment to live.

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Images as Signs: Symbols

22 10 2010

We consider an image to be a symbol when the meaning of that image is not what it normally represents, for example a heart that does not represent an organ but a feeling: love.

Activity: Design your own symbols to represent the following:

1. Pop Music

2. Solar energy

3. Water-ski  Olympics

4. Friendship

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IMAGES AS SIGNS: form and meaning

19 10 2010

Exercise  (3º eso):

Write a short text and draw a picture about what is happening in the story.

Here you have your  drawings!

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