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How to write an amusing story.

Fecha Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Being imaginative is sometimes hard, isn’t it? When students have to write a story as part of their tasks for their English lesson, most of them always complain: “I find it very hard to make up a story even in my own language!”

This is the reason why today we’ve tried something different and, although I know it’s been hard, I think it’s also been great fun. I’m eager to read your stories!

I also want to remind you that the Xmas Story Contest is still open.


If you want to download the guidelines for story writing, go to DOWNLOADS.


It’s round the corner

Fecha Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Do you fancy listening to a Russian radio station? Or do you prefer to read a blog where some students from a school of languages write their compositions? Whatever you like, just start your computer and surf on the Internet. There, you’ll find everything! But be careful: this amazing tool also involves some risks.
The main advantage of the Internet is that information from all over the world is available to everybody. However, one important drawback is that not all the information is suitable to everybody. There are lots of web pages containing subjects inappropriate for children, such as violence or sex.
A further issue is that the Internet allows us to keep in touch with friends and relatives wherever they are. Blogs, chat rooms, or social networking websites like “Facebook” give us the possibility of achieving it. Nevertheless, there are several associated risks. In the same way we meet acquaintances, we can also meet unknown people and behind the network everybody can pretend to be a different kind of person…
Taking everything into account, I’d say that the Internet is a really powerful tool that has become essential in our daily life and we must use it in a responsible way to avoid being cheated. If we do so, we will enjoy the large amounts of information and people waiting for us to be discovered.
by Tania Rodriguez

A change in our lives

Fecha Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Internet has changed our lives. Do you remember the time you first downloaded a song? Who has taught you to surf the net? Could you imagine your life without computers? When was the last time you wrote a letter?

One of the most significant advantages of the Internet is that you can buy anything from anywhere in the world. But sadly, at the same time, this makes us lose our sense of uniqueness. Another benefit is that we can download several things for free, from a song to computer programs without forgetting movies and books. However, this is the heart of piracy.

In addition, dealing with red tape the Internet allows us to save lots of paper. If you want to apply for a job, you can send an email with your CV instead of posting it in paper, for instance. But, unfortunately, we find email so easy, fast and cheap that we are forgetting the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter. What a pity!Besides, while it is true that you can meet people from all walks of life, which can be very interesting, it must not be forgotten that when we are in front of a screen we can lie as much as we want. So, giving any important information about you, like your address or your phone number, or meeting someone you have just known via  the Internet, can be dangerousA further point to consider lies in the field of education.

Nowadays ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) are commonplace in every classroom. It is a fact that learning through the Internet makes lessons more attractive and motivate students to become more participative. But it is important to remember that the use of the Internet could be , specially among young people. Consequently this could help teenagers to lose their ability to communicate with their peers.

On balance, the huge spreading of the Internet has taken place in a such short period of time that is difficult to stand on a neutral position. Some people, especially elder people, who find it more difficult use Internet, think that the best way is to go on as in the old times.. While other people, especially young people, who arewere born in this technological era, use the Internet for everything.

By Irene Fernández


What you have written

Fecha Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hello everybody,

If you are new to this blog you have to know that this is a writing workshop for students at the Oviedo School of Languages. I am the blog administrator and the teacher. Anybody reading this should know that we are new in the blogosphere, so don’t expect perfection. ;)  What we want is improve our writing skills and if by doing so, we have a good time, the better!

Today I have started publishing, what we could call, the first series of our work. You can find them scrolling down, and if “they have vanished”, just click on what you want to read on the right. 

You can choose your reading in two different ways:

If you click on the category called “WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN” , everything written by the students will come out. If you are only interested in a specific kind of writing, select your choice from the  TAGS section.

Remember that there are also some useful links that I have chosen because I thought they are very useful for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. If you know of something interesting and you think it should be included here, do please tell us by posting a comment. All suggestions will be welcome.

Pepper Ann

Fecha Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hi everybody! Don’t you remind me…? My name is Pepper Ann. I was the main character of a TV series of the same name. I say I was because I wasn’t fortunate in my actress career. My character was a funny, extrovert and fantastic teenager. Anyway, I am here to talk about the most influential person in my life: my brother, and probably the main reason of my early failure.His name is Fido Dido. He was created by Sue Rose as I was. He has the qualities for being a good brother, but it is difficult to get on well with a person you know is better than you, when you are jealous… He is older than me but we are physically similar, but not personally. He is original and witty. A talented person I suppose.On the one hand, I admire him and I am proud of him, after all he is my brother. But on the other hand, I can’t stand him. He is nonsense famous. When he was created, his appearances at comics weren’t popular. Actually I think people considered him boring. But one day Pepsi Company decided to make him a star.So that’s the reason of his strong influence in my life. Thanks to Fido I am only a shadow. I have been trying to become popular but it was impossible for me. People usually mistake me with him, and when I say  I am his sister, a brainstorm of questions begins. Definitely, he has ruined my life.

by Patricia Moutas

University times

Fecha Sunday, 23 November 2008

I met a special person when I started my studies at university, and although I hardly ever talked to him, he taught me a lot about attitude and how important things like courage and determination are.It was thirty years ago. I was a teenager and he was in his seventies. He had worked as a teacher and after retiring he decided to study History, too.That man was almost blind and in spite of wearing huge glasses he also needed a magnifying glass to be able to read. In addition, he had to approach his face so close to the book that it seemed as if he was toughing  the paper with his nose. Everybody in the classroom couldn’t help laughing when he did so, although we always tried he didn’t notice it.He always sat alone and hardly ever talked to any of us and we thought sometimes that he could be a bit ashamed because of his age. But on the other hand, he seemed so determined and self-confident that little by little he began to get our sympathy and our respect, too.A couple of years later I dropped out of university because of my military service and, after it, I began to work as a miner but I missed the university atmosphere so I returned to the University but when I did it, that man had already disappeared.

I never knew what had happened to him but I used to think fondly about him because he taught me that you can do anything you want and at any age if you find the way to encourage yourself.

By Ojeda

A lovely and charming person: Dad

Fecha Sunday, 23 November 2008

At first sight, he can intimidate you. He is short, plump and the expression on his face could be serious, so you can think he is the typical overbearing headmaster, but contrary to expectations he is a lovely and charming man.He  has set an example of sacrifice to me. At the age of fifteen, he had to leave his home in Tineo and start working to help his family. He worked for nearly 20 hours a day as a waiter in Luanco. He gave his parents sixty per cent of his salary every month. A desire to improve his way of life, made he move to Oviedo two years later. There, he got a job in a very famous and important restaurant of the city. He was working for that restaurant until it closed downAnother quality that I would like to underline is that he is very intelligent. When he was a child, he received a grant to study in a better school because of his excellent marks. But after a few months he went back home because his father was ill and he had to earn money to help his family. Apart from that, when he moved to Oviedo, he began to learn about wines. Nowadays he is a well-known sommelier in the `Association de la Sommellerie Internationale´, which has given him an enormous sense of achievement. Furthermore, he is learning about different kinds of water and tobacco.

To sum up, I think the world of my father. My father brought me up to behave properly. As a waiter he deals with people from all walks of life every day, and I love when he tells me all the experiences he had lived. He is also a good husband. He and my mum have been married for twenty seven years. Finally, I know while he lives I will have a shoulder to cry on.

by Irene Fernández


Fecha Sunday, 23 November 2008

Everybody is influenced by somebody to some extent. And who but people that bring us up have the greatest influence? One of the people I grew up with was my great-aunt. I called her Lela and in my childhood she was a lively octogenarian person.
Lela was an extraordinary cook. She loved innovating and trying new recipes and cooking original meals. Nevertheless, there was an ever-present ingredient in the menus she prepared, something I ate every day: rice. It made me love  it too: I never get fed up with eating it. Therefore, she influenced my sense of taste…
However, the aspect of Lela that influenced me most was her mood. She was a kind person but, at the same time, she was a bossy woman. I am as stubborn as she and we both wanted to have the last word in every argument! Besides, when I was only four, she loved making me  get angry because she enjoyed watching me being cross. As a consequence, I got angry easily at home as I grew…
In spite of this insignificant issue, my great-aunt was one of the people I’ve always looked up to. I miss her every day since her death a few years ago and, honestly, I’d like to be like her by the time I am  be old!

by Tania Rodríguez