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Last lesson

Fecha Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Unfortunately we have finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Next term, other students will do what you have been doing but if you miss us, you are invited to check our progress through the blog. And if you feel like going on writing, of course, you can. Why not going on writing? I will read and publish what you write here for other people to learn from us.

The last download is available for you, as usual, in the DOWNLOADS page.

Once again, thank you for joining the workshop and…


Time flies!

Fecha Monday, 15 December 2008

Next Wednesday will be our last lesson! We will work again in the ICT lab (room 1.4).  I hope you all have sent your emails asking for information. I’m eager to know if you got an answer. See you on Wednesday! 

The sea inside

Fecha Monday, 15 December 2008

Could euthanasia be considered a human right? Is somebody legitimated to avoid putting an end to his life to someboddy who is suffering?. This is the controversial subjet of ‘Mar adentro’ directed by Alejandro Amenabar in 2004.

The film is based on a real story. Ramon Sampedro suffered an accident playing on the beach and as a result of it has become paraplegic. Since then Ramon has been lying on his bed and refuged in poetry. He manages to write with the mouth, helped by a gadget he has invented, but after many years he finally decides that his life isn’t worth being lived and begins a long way claiming his right to the euthanasia.

A special scene of the film is when Ramon meets a priest who is in the same clinic state than him. The priest, encouraged by his religious convictions, instead of being depressed dedicates his life to help and relieve paraplegic people. After the meeting Sampedro recognises he would really like to resign himself to his situation but unfortunately he can’t find the way. Eventually with the help of a woman he kills himself with a poison.

When I saw this movie, everybody in the cinema was in floods of tears, and when it ended I could see in people’s faces a mixture of sadness and relief, but with a strange state of relax, possibly because everybody celebrated that Ramon could finally carried his desires and rights out.

By Ojeda

Cenizas del cielo

Fecha Monday, 15 December 2008

In spite of not being very huge area, Asturias is a region with several thermal power stations placed along its geography. The film is set in a small rural village next to one of these stations. 

Ferguson, a Scotsman who comes to this region in the North of Spain in order to write a tourist guide, drops in this village where he is forced to spend a few days because of a breakdown of his motor caravan. There, he meets Federico (Celso Bugallo), an old man who fights strongly against the station since the pollution that it produces is affecting the earth, as well as the rest of villagers. 

The film is directed by José Antonio Quirós. He wanted to tell a story about the love to the earth and the inability of men to defeat progress. The main sound track is the sound given out by the thermal power station, although several tunes inspired in traditional Asturian music are also included.

If you are from Asturias, I’m sure that you will enjoy watching this tender and amusing film. However, I can thoroughly recommend watching it wherever you are from.  One international award (Tokio 2008) and a national one (FICMA 2008) confirm this. 

By Tania Rodriguez

Do you believe in love stories?

Fecha Monday, 15 December 2008

 Last weekend I went to the cinema and I saw “The Twilight”. It is a real love story between a vampire, and human being… 

Bella and Edward meet each other at the high school, when Bella moves from Arizona to Washington. Many guys in the high start a competition to win Bella’s love, but she is interested in a strange boy, a loner: Edward. They become friends, but this is a dangerous friendship because what Edward really desires is Bella’s blood. Something magic happened when the vampire saves the girl from a sure dead, a true love story begins up to this point… till another vampire, James, also wants to have Bella’s blood…

Definitely, this one of the best films I have ever seen. It is such a beautiful love story, a forbidden love between two creatures who come from two different worlds. They have to sort out all type of risks in order to be together…for ever?

If you expect this story to be full of blood, crimes, etc. this clearly not the kind of film I would recommend you. But if you like romances and love stories you must not miss the film.I am really looking forward to buy the DVD just to see the film in original version!

By Sandra Castañón

He changed my life

Fecha Monday, 15 December 2008

In everybody’s life there is always someone who has a special influence for whatever the reason. In my case, it was my boyfriend. He is my best friend, my cup of tea… And life with him is better each day.

To start with, he has taught me that you can love people without being hurt. When I first met him, I was terrified about starting a relationship…but he made me feel so comfortable that there was no place for fears at all. He just told me to trust him, and so I did.

Before I met him, the only thing I could think of  was studying and working non-stop. Free time was a “don’t” in my life. Now I have realized that people sometimes need time to relax and have some fun. Moreover, I have also learnt about other persons’ feelings. Sometimes, we don’t take people’s feeling into account and that will sure hurt them. But when you have a romance things get different, because you do have to consider your partner’s feelings, support him and “water” the relationship ever day. 

 So, there is no doubt he has changed and my life, our life. Thanks him.

By Sandra Castañón

What about emoticons and acronyms?

Fecha Thursday, 11 December 2008

When communicating via email with our peers it is very common to use emoticons and acronyms. It is impossible to have them all under control because the list is endless and day by day it grows up. If you want to know more, have a look here. It’s amusing and entertaining. And, who knows, perhaps you learn something new!

I love travelling!

Fecha Thursday, 11 December 2008

In our lesson we have been working with email writing, one of the most common ways of written communication nowadays. This week your assignment is “real”. You won’t have to send an essay to the teacher. This time you have to decide which city in Britain you would like to travel to, contact the Tourist Information Office by email and ask for information about that place: accommodation, restaurants, sights, museums … Anything you are interested in!

I’m sure you will get an answer. When we meet next Wednesday, do please tell us the kind of information you got and if they sent you any brochure let us know!

Remember that although email writing is not as formal as “old fashioned” letters, there’s no need to be careless.

See you next week!

Good writing! :-) 

(I got the idea for this activity from the British Council official site)