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A waste of time?

Fecha Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I never want to waste my time. This workshop has supposed to me a very useful tool to practice and remember some of the common writing assignments in my English classes. Moreover, this is especially important for those of us who are preparing the final exams for the B2 level certification in june.

Of course, I did not like all the topics in our tasks, but I think this is the only way to make a special effort doing this kind of things. The less you like the topic, the more you try to “research” and to improve the text. For instance, I remember when we were asked to write a for and against composition about social nets such as facebook or tuenti. I had heard something about it but I have never liked these things so I did not know so much. Now, I must say that I am considering to create my own profile in one of this webpages…
We have revised most of the common writing tasks from the narrative to the opinion essay. I strongly recommend to attend this workshop for the next term. The only way to improve our writing skills is practice again and again. I think I am better prepared now for the final exams, though not completely ready!

by David Outomuro

To write or not to write? That’s the question!

Fecha Wednesday, 25 March 2009

To write or not to write?


             That’s the  question!

                   As you can see by this Shakespearian intro I have just finished the writing workshop for the second term. And I found it interesting, useful and funny.

                   Interesting because I like writing and in the workshop we have a summary on how to write different types of texts. A summary that we can extend in the blog “About writing” where we can find some interesting links on this matter.

                   Useful because if you don’t like writing and you are only looking  for additional preparation to pass your exams, here you’ll find good guidelines to improve your writing skills and pass your exams with flying colours.

                   Funny because there was a relaxed atmosphere and we enjoyed ourselves during the lessons.

                   So I think it has proved not to be a waste of time.

                   Bye, bye.

by Fountain Pen

Splendor in the grass

Fecha Wednesday, 25 March 2009

“What though the radiance which was once so bright, be now for ever taken from my sight, though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind”.

This is the remarkable part of the well-known William Wordsmorth’s poem which this unforgettable film is based on.

These are the lovely 20s’, when sex is still a taboo and love relationships have to be dealt with special care. Parents have a big influence on their children and these are being brought up strictly and behind their beliefs. This is why a young couple who promises to stay forever together find it difficult to keep it that way. It’s the generation gap. The key is how they confront their parent’s expectations, how to deal with a society that suffocates them and is worried about what other people might think. The story is about incomprehension, rebelliousness, forgiveness, resignation. Romanticism in its purest form.

The Elian kazan’s film was set in Kansas in a time when the crisis folded business and a lot of people were forced to commit suicide. A young Warren Beatty gives a superb performance in his first role in the cinema, showing how to give up his own life to follow his father’s wishes. Natalie Wood makes a return by playing the role of a desperate youth who can’t stand the imposed situation.

It is worth pointing out the colourful photography and the wonderful original score. They help to enhance the meaning of the scenes, specially the last ones.

Last, but not least, the supporting characters raise the category of this masterpiece: the understanding father, the miserable mother, the sister who has lost her way, the ambitious father and the fainthearted mum…

This film won’t disappoint you, even more, it will become into your best rated movies in cinema’s history. You won’t be able to get it out of your head…

By Olga

Time flies!

Fecha Wednesday, 18 March 2009

We have already finished and it was just a while ago when we started. As I have already told you, it’s been a pleasure working with you. I hope you have also enjoyed the workshop.

Next term, other students will join the workshop and, although we´ll be doing the same, you are invited to have a look at the blog from time to time and read the amazing posts which, I’m sure, other students will write.

Just one more thing. The last task is:


Good Writing! :-)


Fecha Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Italian writer, Roberto Saviano, became a celebrity after his latest book, “Gomorra”, about the Napolitan mafia, known as “The Camorra”, one of the organised crime networks in Italy, which has killed a person per 2,5 days since 1,979, and earned thousands of millions euros a year. This powerful organization controls cocaine traffic and other illegal activities, even in other countries. After his publishing, Saviano’s life has changed dramatically: his former girlfriend left him, his friends forgot him, his parents split up. As a result of this, he feels sad and guilty. Nowadays his life is more complicated as he has to be protected and surrounded by bodyguards every time.

The director has chosen 5 stories from the book linked to the Mafia: the child who wants to take part in this business in order to improve his social conditions; Don Ciro, an elderly person who gives payouts to families which have made “favours”; or the tailor who helps the Chinese market, disobeying the Mafia laws and who is severely punished, reminding us of one of the brands of this clan: revenge. Other characters are two innocent boys whose heads are full of dreams about money and luxury. And finally, the big companies have dealt with the Mafia and we can watch horrified how toxic waste substances are disposal in estate lands, next to the freeways or under the bridges, with its dangerous effects.

The film is set in Italy, maybe Naples and its surroundings that appear behind the poor block of houses where the film takes place. The characters are professional and new faces, they play so authentic performances that the film seems realistic, stunning and brutal. You are gripped in that hopeless atmosphere, and you realise that it is just like a documentary about something that happens in real life. In spite of the feeling of sadness you have after watching it, I highly recommend this box- office hit.

By Elisa

End of term lesson

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tomorrow we´ll be having our last lesson. I just wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you.

Tomorrow we´ll  meet at the ICT Lab (room 1.4).

See U :-)

THE ROAD- Cormac McCarthy

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A father in his 40’s and his son, whose age he doesn’t remember, go walking along the road in a world in chaos, looking to reach the south to avoid the freezing nights sleeping on a  blanket of ashes. Are they alone in this trip to death?
The earth is completely devastated: no people, no animals, every sign of life seems to have disappeared.  Two of the survivals, a father and his young son, go walking along the road. Nothing in the road-sides, fire has destroyed everything. Days and nights walking on foot in an endless trip to nowhere. Which is the reason to continue with this journey plenty of starvation and a freezing weather?
This novel written by Cormac McCarthy was awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. McCarthy said the inspiration for The Road came during a 2003 visit to El Paso, Texas, with his young son. Imagining what the city might look like in the future, he pictured “fires on the hill” and thought about his son.
I find the story quite moving and very readable.  With a lot of vocabulary and some adjectives a bit difficult to understand, but this doesn’t affect the reading. The characters come alive for me in a very well written tale. The only thing I disagree with it’s the novel’s ending, too weak (really common in this kind of essays with a powerful plot).
Everyone should read THE ROAD to think of their own perfect ending.

By Dessire

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Alice in “Wonder”-Land

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It is sure that you have heard about the adventures of a small blond girl in a blue dress running and running after a white rabbit which is in a great hurry. Or maybe about the Cheshire cat whose grin remains visible but not its body… This girl is called Alice, and she starts chasing the rabbit until she finds herself lost in a strange, marvellous and dangerous world where she is going to meet a lot of odd creatures governed by the Red Queen of Hearts.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is the best-known novel written by Lewis Carroll. It could be described as a compendium of poems, puns, riddles and above all, a lot of imagination. However, incoherence and nonsense run the story, in which Alice is continuously wondering about the absurdity of some of the main characters. But British good manners and ethics are also a main axis in this book.

The quality of this book has been already aknowledged by millions of readers. The book has reached such a success that films, musicals, plays, operas and even a computer game have been created using its plot. One of the most famous screen versions was the film produced by the Disney factory in 1951. Soon we will be able to enjoy a new remake of this story directed by the visionary director Tim Burton.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to read this absurd story created half and a century ago. And if you have already read it, you can also enjoy the second part “Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there”, in which Alice discovers the kingdom of chess pieces…

David Outomuro

Watch the original traile

Watch Tim Burton’s version