Facebook and Tuenti

Fecha Sunday, 1 March 2009

If you feel attracted to the idea of becoming famous quickly, you could have a look at what some ordinary people do, to become a celebrity even just for a short period of time. But, in case you aren’t fond of this you can’t assure that your photos and comments are known by some millions of people. This may happen thanks to ‘Tuenty’, the social networking website, targeted at the Spanish audience or ‘Facebook’, the world-wide social website.

I think the greatest advantage of these social networking websites lies on the great possibility to communicate to people from different cities or countries, in order to share information or upload a number of photographs that have a big interest to you or to the improvement of your professional career, or maybe for your personal enjoyment. But, it is your privacy that might be compromised several times and your photos or comments can be accessed by unknown people with hidden interests, Furthermore, these concerns have also been raising nowadays because of the difficulty of deleting the users accounts.

Another benefit is the use of these resources in the university, as a part of research projects or between different campuses, with highly guaranties to get your objective successfully. But these websites have met some difficulties because of the use they sometimes do of the information they have.. As a result of this, some universities have blocked these networks.

On balance, it would seem that Facebook and Tuenti offer benefits, unimaginable in the past, but the abuse of these resources could imply serious problems about privacy that governments should have to deal with.
Only the responsibility of users, behind some guaranties over personal accounts, would make these websites a powerful tool for global communication.

Elisa Fernandez Garcia

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