The joker

Fecha Sunday, 1 March 2009

Anna was sitting on a bench with a distant look. She looked worried and absent – minded “I’ve been preparing this for ages… Nothing can go wrong except, well, I don’t know if he…”- Ricky’s messenger arrived: “Ann, this is your part” He gave her a shabby cardboard parcel and hastily went away.

She went back home on foot. She had not liked his attitude. He looked nervous, uneasy. During her 27 years in the police force, she had learnt that doing business with a leading drug dealer is not child’s play. She arrived home and locked herself in. She doubted for a moment. She ripped the carboard, trembling, sweating. The end of all this 3-year work was close.

She opened an old little matchbox. A torn poker card with a joker face was staring at her glazed eyes. She had been uncovered. What to do? Surely she was being watched by some of Ricky’s lackeis at this moment. Even the telephone line must be cut. She hurriedly wrote a note on a scrap of paper and she hid it in a drawer; nobody could imagine where and how her body could end up. The situation was hopeless. The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

by David Outomuro

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