Time goes by

Fecha Wednesday, 4 March 2009

  Sitting on the sofa of her living room, looking around she was absolutely sure: “This is the chance of a lifetime”, she thought again. Her eyes shone with pleasure watching her house: the packed bookcase with her love books which had offered a new world to discover or the paintings on the wall which reminded her of different places, experiences or friends. “The time goes by and I have just spent seven years. Seven years! Scaring time, really”, she smiled.

Bearing in mind her childhood, she had enjoyed with the crowded house of her family, grandparents, parents, cousins, uncles and aunts. A feeling of sadness came over her remembering her mother, the most important person of her life. Or the university time, the parties in the flat which she shared with other 5 students. She gazed in amazement when John said seriously: “I guess you will be the best mother of three pretty children”. Poor John!

Her life had had ups and downs, and maybe she would have needed a shoulder to cry on when the situation seemed hopeless, she realised the she had to deal with important drawbacks in a complete loneliness. As a result of this, she was a person with solid principles, she kept her feet on the ground in order to make the big decision every seven years: CHANGING: The ticket of the plane will take her tomorrow to the following cycle of the life, which has just started: another country with new experiences and new opportunities.

The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but only wait.

Elisa Fernández García

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