Water accident

Fecha Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Alice went to Barcelona to visit some old friends. She met them when she was an Erasmus student there. She studied Physical Education in Brighton, but in her third year she got this scholarship so she moved for six months to Barcelona to develop her skills in water sports and also to learn Spanish.

She enjoyed a wonderful weekend surfing and kitesurfing. It was the perfect time of the year as in February there are very few people on the beach. The water in the Mediterranean Sea was a little cold, but nothing compared with the freezing currents of La Mancha strait.

It was Monday morning when her best friend Leo drove her to the airport. Alice had to fly back early in the morning because she was supposed to be coaching a children football team in the Royal Sports Club of Brighton.

Whenever she could Alice tried to get a window seat, as she enjoyed the view a lot. As soon as the aircraft took off she noticed that there was some strange smoke going out of the right engine. Soon the plane started to stumble heavily. The only things she could hear were women screaming and children crying. After some long minutes of confusion between passengers and crew, they all listened the voice of the captain:

“Be everybody ready for an imminent impact, we will try an emergency landing”.

As a frequent flyer, she knew that to stay calm and to follow the cabin crew advice where the best things she could do.

The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

Alberto R Ayala

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