The new face of the Net

Fecha Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Since the Internet was established, all over the Net different kinds of communities have appeared. It has been the communities dedicated to circles of friends and personal photos that have stood up among these webs. Tuenti, Facebook, MySpace, hi5… a long list of spaces mainly used up by teenagers where people have found a new way of communicating. But, is this social dimension of the Net as simple as it seems?
The principal advantage that any person would say about those webs consists of the possibility of seeing your friend’s photos, even those who are far away, so you can know how their weekend has been or have fun with some visual jokes. In addition, you are notified of your friend’s birthdays or you can organize parties or any meeting only with short messages in a more comfortable way than messenger (what has lost his category of novelty). Even local bands can make themselves known or organize concerts in front of an audience- which is a well-known function of MySpace. On balance it is a useful tool.
Of course the topic has a bad side. As the Internet is opened to everyone, how can you be sure people you do not like are not seeing your personal things, even a dangerous person? Well, it is true it is possible to make your profile closed to your selected list of friends, but privacy is also a dangerous fact- if someone uploads a photo you dislike how can you delete it? Although it is something regulated it is not rightful.
So, considering its conveniencies as a means of communication and expression, spaces like these deserve to be considered useful, but to avoid a wrong use of them there must be norms of use.

By Jaime Menendez

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