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“A Brief History of Time” was written by Stephen Hawking and first published in 1988.
It is a best-seller which has sold more than 9 million copies, although it is considered as an unread bestseller, which means that many people bought it but never managed tofinish it.
This book is an attempt to explain Physics and some Maths to the general public.
It is an overview on Cosmology, a branch of Astronomy that studies the largest-scale structures and dynamics of the universe. Explaining in simple language theories such as Big Bang – the idea that the universe has expanded from a point of infinite density and energy at some finite time in the past and goes on expanding-, black holes – regions in space-time that have so strong gravity fields that nothing, including light, escapes their pull-, light cones – models of particular space-time for particular events on how a light pulse evolves, consisting of two joined cones by the vertex where one represents the past and the other the future, being the union the present time- or Superstring Theory – which tries to explain particles and forces in terms of vibrations of strings.
This book is not as difficult to read as it might seem. It contains only an equation:
E = m c2
It has many illustrations, models and diagrams.
The 1988 edition included a foreword by Carl Sagan which disappeared in later editions because Sagan copyrighted it. Later editions have a foreword by Hawking.
In 1996 it was updated, illustrated and added more topics to the original edition.
In 1998 it was published with the same text as in 1996, but was also released in paperback with a few diagrams included.

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