Alice in “Wonder”-Land

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It is sure that you have heard about the adventures of a small blond girl in a blue dress running and running after a white rabbit which is in a great hurry. Or maybe about the Cheshire cat whose grin remains visible but not its body… This girl is called Alice, and she starts chasing the rabbit until she finds herself lost in a strange, marvellous and dangerous world where she is going to meet a lot of odd creatures governed by the Red Queen of Hearts.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is the best-known novel written by Lewis Carroll. It could be described as a compendium of poems, puns, riddles and above all, a lot of imagination. However, incoherence and nonsense run the story, in which Alice is continuously wondering about the absurdity of some of the main characters. But British good manners and ethics are also a main axis in this book.

The quality of this book has been already aknowledged by millions of readers. The book has reached such a success that films, musicals, plays, operas and even a computer game have been created using its plot. One of the most famous screen versions was the film produced by the Disney factory in 1951. Soon we will be able to enjoy a new remake of this story directed by the visionary director Tim Burton.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to read this absurd story created half and a century ago. And if you have already read it, you can also enjoy the second part “Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there”, in which Alice discovers the kingdom of chess pieces…

David Outomuro

Watch the original traile

Watch Tim Burton’s version

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