THE ROAD- Cormac McCarthy

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A father in his 40’s and his son, whose age he doesn’t remember, go walking along the road in a world in chaos, looking to reach the south to avoid the freezing nights sleeping on a  blanket of ashes. Are they alone in this trip to death?
The earth is completely devastated: no people, no animals, every sign of life seems to have disappeared.  Two of the survivals, a father and his young son, go walking along the road. Nothing in the road-sides, fire has destroyed everything. Days and nights walking on foot in an endless trip to nowhere. Which is the reason to continue with this journey plenty of starvation and a freezing weather?
This novel written by Cormac McCarthy was awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. McCarthy said the inspiration for The Road came during a 2003 visit to El Paso, Texas, with his young son. Imagining what the city might look like in the future, he pictured “fires on the hill” and thought about his son.
I find the story quite moving and very readable.  With a lot of vocabulary and some adjectives a bit difficult to understand, but this doesn’t affect the reading. The characters come alive for me in a very well written tale. The only thing I disagree with it’s the novel’s ending, too weak (really common in this kind of essays with a powerful plot).
Everyone should read THE ROAD to think of their own perfect ending.

By Dessire

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