Fecha Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Italian writer, Roberto Saviano, became a celebrity after his latest book, “Gomorra”, about the Napolitan mafia, known as “The Camorra”, one of the organised crime networks in Italy, which has killed a person per 2,5 days since 1,979, and earned thousands of millions euros a year. This powerful organization controls cocaine traffic and other illegal activities, even in other countries. After his publishing, Saviano’s life has changed dramatically: his former girlfriend left him, his friends forgot him, his parents split up. As a result of this, he feels sad and guilty. Nowadays his life is more complicated as he has to be protected and surrounded by bodyguards every time.

The director has chosen 5 stories from the book linked to the Mafia: the child who wants to take part in this business in order to improve his social conditions; Don Ciro, an elderly person who gives payouts to families which have made “favours”; or the tailor who helps the Chinese market, disobeying the Mafia laws and who is severely punished, reminding us of one of the brands of this clan: revenge. Other characters are two innocent boys whose heads are full of dreams about money and luxury. And finally, the big companies have dealt with the Mafia and we can watch horrified how toxic waste substances are disposal in estate lands, next to the freeways or under the bridges, with its dangerous effects.

The film is set in Italy, maybe Naples and its surroundings that appear behind the poor block of houses where the film takes place. The characters are professional and new faces, they play so authentic performances that the film seems realistic, stunning and brutal. You are gripped in that hopeless atmosphere, and you realise that it is just like a documentary about something that happens in real life. In spite of the feeling of sadness you have after watching it, I highly recommend this box- office hit.

By Elisa

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