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War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

These are the three main slogans of The Party, the institution who controls everything.  Published on 1948 “1984” originally titled “The Last Man in Europe”, George Orwell shows a deep critic about totalitarian governments. The main character, Winston, reflects about the incongruities society doesn´t seem to notice. The Party, directed by The Big Brother (who represents Stalin) gets everything under control.  By remaking the language into the “Neolenguage”, words as injustice disappear making  it impossible to think because it is not possible to think about concepts  we don´t even know.
The entire world is divided between Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, countries which always are in war (This refers to the Second World War). Winston lives in London, one of the main cities of Oceania, which represents Communism, where people are grown up to be loyal to the government and to accuse everyone with different ideas. The whole book is full with historical references about National Socialism, Communism (Especially about Stalin and Trotsky) or also to the Spanish Civil War in which George Orwell fought as part of the International Brigades)
This book shows, nowadays more worrying than never, how ideologies get more controlling and everything we say, think or want is taken under control.

by Daniel


Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009


“A Brief History of Time” was written by Stephen Hawking and first published in 1988.
It is a best-seller which has sold more than 9 million copies, although it is considered as an unread bestseller, which means that many people bought it but never managed tofinish it.
This book is an attempt to explain Physics and some Maths to the general public.
It is an overview on Cosmology, a branch of Astronomy that studies the largest-scale structures and dynamics of the universe. Explaining in simple language theories such as Big Bang – the idea that the universe has expanded from a point of infinite density and energy at some finite time in the past and goes on expanding-, black holes – regions in space-time that have so strong gravity fields that nothing, including light, escapes their pull-, light cones – models of particular space-time for particular events on how a light pulse evolves, consisting of two joined cones by the vertex where one represents the past and the other the future, being the union the present time- or Superstring Theory – which tries to explain particles and forces in terms of vibrations of strings.
This book is not as difficult to read as it might seem. It contains only an equation:
E = m c2
It has many illustrations, models and diagrams.
The 1988 edition included a foreword by Carl Sagan which disappeared in later editions because Sagan copyrighted it. Later editions have a foreword by Hawking.
In 1996 it was updated, illustrated and added more topics to the original edition.
In 1998 it was published with the same text as in 1996, but was also released in paperback with a few diagrams included.

By Fountain Pen


Fecha Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Do you think it is possible to reach a bit of happiness living in an orphanage? ‘The chorus’, one of the my favourite films, is a French drama (2004 ) directed by Christophe Barratier. It was adapted from a story by Wheeler and Georges Chaperot. The film explores the pain of a child’s separation from his parents and the transcendence of music as the greatest form of expression.

It opens when Morhange, the main character, who attended some years ago at correctional school ‘Fond de L’Etang’, begins to read the journal of Clément Mathieu, the school supervisor and unofficial choirmaster. Then the film takes as back to 1949 when Mathieu arrived at school. Resigned to give up his dream of composing music, he is optimistic about his new job, although he will have to face difficult situations. He is also warned against some of the more violent students, but not all of them are so bad. Mathieu doesn’t share the school’s strict rules, which include corporal punishments and, after several attempts to give discipline to the students, he decides to try to get to them through music so he successfully managed a chorus.

I would like to encourage as many people as possible to see this film. I think it’s well performed and directed. I  specially enjoy the touching music we listen to, which gives us the idea that music is not only the greatest form of expression but the best way to reach a complete development.

Amada González Lobo

This week’s assignment

Fecha Wednesday, 11 March 2009

This week you won’t have to send anything to me: I want to do SOMETHING REAL.

Emailing has become the main means of  communication in this world in which we are all in a hurry and we don’t have time to spare: it’s fast and effective.

What I want you to do is to write and email asking for information about English Summer Courses in an English speaking country, of course. Just by googling “English Summer Course” you’ll get loads of websites providing information. Choose the one you like the most and send an email to them asking for information: accomodation, number of lessons, levels, whether you will get a certificate or not, fees, etc.

The next time we meet, you’ll tell us the answer you got.

The new face of the Net

Fecha Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Since the Internet was established, all over the Net different kinds of communities have appeared. It has been the communities dedicated to circles of friends and personal photos that have stood up among these webs. Tuenti, Facebook, MySpace, hi5… a long list of spaces mainly used up by teenagers where people have found a new way of communicating. But, is this social dimension of the Net as simple as it seems?
The principal advantage that any person would say about those webs consists of the possibility of seeing your friend’s photos, even those who are far away, so you can know how their weekend has been or have fun with some visual jokes. In addition, you are notified of your friend’s birthdays or you can organize parties or any meeting only with short messages in a more comfortable way than messenger (what has lost his category of novelty). Even local bands can make themselves known or organize concerts in front of an audience- which is a well-known function of MySpace. On balance it is a useful tool.
Of course the topic has a bad side. As the Internet is opened to everyone, how can you be sure people you do not like are not seeing your personal things, even a dangerous person? Well, it is true it is possible to make your profile closed to your selected list of friends, but privacy is also a dangerous fact- if someone uploads a photo you dislike how can you delete it? Although it is something regulated it is not rightful.
So, considering its conveniencies as a means of communication and expression, spaces like these deserve to be considered useful, but to avoid a wrong use of them there must be norms of use.

By Jaime Menendez

Losing the Keys

Fecha Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It happened one Friday, when the weekend was starting. It was a bright, full of stars and cold night. I had to attend a neighbourgs’ association meeting. There, we had to work and prepare activities for this year, which made us work hard. After that, we started to chat cheerfully until we realized it was nearly three o’clock a.m. so we decided to cancel the meeting and come back home.

I usually take the keys in my bag, so when I went out I didn’t realize I had left them in another coat. As soon as arrived home I looked for the keys in my bag but they weren’t there. O.K.” I thought, I’m sure my husband or my son won’t have closed the door as I said to my husband when I left”. So I tried to open the door but it didn’t work, then I started to ring the bell once and again without success. At first I was calm and quiet, however I started to fell worried I hardly could believe that I had to stay outside all night, it was like a nightmare.

To make things worse, I didn’t have my mobile phone either so when I looked for it in my bag  it wasn’t there. Oh, my god, what can I do?’ Then, I drove down to town to make a phone call in case my husband or my son could hear the call phone.

It was all in vain. The door was locked and I’d have liked to lie down comfortably in my bed. But the die was cast. There was nothing else I could do but wait.
by Amada Lobo

Premio Espiral Edublogs 09

Fecha Thursday, 5 March 2009

premio espiral edublogs09

I’m so proud of your work and your progress that I have taken an important decision. We are taking part in a blogs contest! There are lots of blogs participating, and they are really good, but a friend of mine insisted that we should take part because you are doing a great job. So, why not? We have already been accepted and now we can say…


Clilck here and you’ll see the other blogs in the contest. If you want to see where we are you click here.

And the Review goes to…

Fecha Thursday, 5 March 2009

Yes, I’m sure you’ve read lots of books you will never forget and the same with films. So now, the decision is yours: Write your review on any book or film you’ve liked (or disliked) and let us read it. If you decide to write a book review, you can also send it to the school library blog.

If you need a summary, go to DOWNLOADS and get the PDF document.