Artículos de March 2009

The Picasso

Fecha Wednesday, 4 March 2009

‘The last job and I leave it forever’. She had repeated these words every single day for months, but the offers were being more generous and it was difficult to resist the proposed challenges. Joan was born with a gift, a paintbrush between her fingers. However, necessity had turnes her into a thief of works of art.

That day was the opening day of the Picasso exhibition at The National Gallery and she had met there with the client.

-          What do you think about it?, asked Michael.

-          It is a really valuable picture.

-          Yes, that is true. But the original one is in Tom’s house.

‘How can he know that?’, thought Joan. Tom Harris was the owner of an enormous art collection and she had stolen that picture a year ago for him. What they were looking for was a fake so good that no one had realized… yet.

He seemed to read her mind.

-          Tom and I are old friends. It could say that we have an outstanding account.

The day arrived. The Picasso was there, behind that door. ‘Oh my God’, cried when she opened the door. There was nothing except a piece of paper. She picked it up and read it.

‘Sorry. T.’

The house was filled with police officers in a minute. At the last second Joan hid behind a column. They entered into the room. ‘Michael?’, she whispered. Joan was sure that he had seen her.

-          Come on, there is nobody here. Search inside other rooms. – ordered Michael.

-          Yes, captain.

Michael looked at Joan and made a signal for her to stay there.

She had no choice. The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

By Silvia.

Time goes by

Fecha Wednesday, 4 March 2009

  Sitting on the sofa of her living room, looking around she was absolutely sure: “This is the chance of a lifetime”, she thought again. Her eyes shone with pleasure watching her house: the packed bookcase with her love books which had offered a new world to discover or the paintings on the wall which reminded her of different places, experiences or friends. “The time goes by and I have just spent seven years. Seven years! Scaring time, really”, she smiled.

Bearing in mind her childhood, she had enjoyed with the crowded house of her family, grandparents, parents, cousins, uncles and aunts. A feeling of sadness came over her remembering her mother, the most important person of her life. Or the university time, the parties in the flat which she shared with other 5 students. She gazed in amazement when John said seriously: “I guess you will be the best mother of three pretty children”. Poor John!

Her life had had ups and downs, and maybe she would have needed a shoulder to cry on when the situation seemed hopeless, she realised the she had to deal with important drawbacks in a complete loneliness. As a result of this, she was a person with solid principles, she kept her feet on the ground in order to make the big decision every seven years: CHANGING: The ticket of the plane will take her tomorrow to the following cycle of the life, which has just started: another country with new experiences and new opportunities.

The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but only wait.

Elisa Fernández García

Water accident

Fecha Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Alice went to Barcelona to visit some old friends. She met them when she was an Erasmus student there. She studied Physical Education in Brighton, but in her third year she got this scholarship so she moved for six months to Barcelona to develop her skills in water sports and also to learn Spanish.

She enjoyed a wonderful weekend surfing and kitesurfing. It was the perfect time of the year as in February there are very few people on the beach. The water in the Mediterranean Sea was a little cold, but nothing compared with the freezing currents of La Mancha strait.

It was Monday morning when her best friend Leo drove her to the airport. Alice had to fly back early in the morning because she was supposed to be coaching a children football team in the Royal Sports Club of Brighton.

Whenever she could Alice tried to get a window seat, as she enjoyed the view a lot. As soon as the aircraft took off she noticed that there was some strange smoke going out of the right engine. Soon the plane started to stumble heavily. The only things she could hear were women screaming and children crying. After some long minutes of confusion between passengers and crew, they all listened the voice of the captain:

“Be everybody ready for an imminent impact, we will try an emergency landing”.

As a frequent flyer, she knew that to stay calm and to follow the cabin crew advice where the best things she could do.

The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

Alberto R Ayala

The new face of the Net

Fecha Monday, 2 March 2009

Since the Internet was established, all over the Net different kinds of communities have appeared. It has been the communities dedicated to circles of friends and personal photos that has stood up among these webs. Tuenti, Facebook, MySpace, hi5… a long list of spaces mainly used up by teenagers where people have found a new way of expression. But, is this social dimension of the Net as simple as it seems?
The principal advantage that any person would say about those webs consists of the possibility of seeing your friend’s photos, even those who are far away, so you can know how they have spent the weekend or have fun with some visual jokes. In addition, you are notified of your friend’s birthdays and you can organize parties or any meeting just by adding short messages more easily than using messenger  which is no longer a novelty). Even local bands can make themselves known or organize concerts face to face to public- which is a well-known function of MySpace. On balance it is a useful tool.
Of course the topic has a bad face. As the Internet is opened to everyone, how can you be sure people you do not like, o even someone dangerous; are not seeing your personal things? Well, it is true it is possible to make your profile closed to your selected list of friends, but privacy is also a dangerous fact- if someone uploads a photo you dislike how can you delete it? Although these are some rules to cover this, it is not enough.
So, considering its advantages as means of communication and expression, spaces like these deserve to be considered useful, but to avoid a wrong use of them there must be norms of use.
By Jaime Menéndez Sánchez

The joker

Fecha Sunday, 1 March 2009

Anna was sitting on a bench with a distant look. She looked worried and absent – minded “I’ve been preparing this for ages… Nothing can go wrong except, well, I don’t know if he…”- Ricky’s messenger arrived: “Ann, this is your part” He gave her a shabby cardboard parcel and hastily went away.

She went back home on foot. She had not liked his attitude. He looked nervous, uneasy. During her 27 years in the police force, she had learnt that doing business with a leading drug dealer is not child’s play. She arrived home and locked herself in. She doubted for a moment. She ripped the carboard, trembling, sweating. The end of all this 3-year work was close.

She opened an old little matchbox. A torn poker card with a joker face was staring at her glazed eyes. She had been uncovered. What to do? Surely she was being watched by some of Ricky’s lackeis at this moment. Even the telephone line must be cut. She hurriedly wrote a note on a scrap of paper and she hid it in a drawer; nobody could imagine where and how her body could end up. The situation was hopeless. The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

by David Outomuro


Fecha Sunday, 1 March 2009

She woke up in the morning with the word lingering on in her head: precious. She could not remember anything else of her dream. Only that word echoing in the air; precious, precious, precious.
Then the telephone rang. Her sister was calling to have lunch together in a restaurant near the city centre. They arranged to meet  at one o’clock.
The place was packed with people and she sat alone far from the TV waiting for her sister to arrive.
“TVs should be banned at restaurants”; she thought.
Suddenly a broadcaster started to speak about a horse which had been a champion until it had broken its leg. It had won thousands, millions of euros in horse races. She was ,unexpectedly, paying attention to TV, she liked horses. The broadcaster said it was going to run again that afternoon at the local racecourse. Bets were 50 against 1.
“It might make you rich if you give it a chance, you’d never forget its name; “Precious”.
She went white pale, stood up and headed for the racecourse.
She made that bet. The die was cast. There was nothing else she could do but wait.

Facebook and Tuenti

Fecha Sunday, 1 March 2009

If you feel attracted to the idea of becoming famous quickly, you could have a look at what some ordinary people do, to become a celebrity even just for a short period of time. But, in case you aren’t fond of this you can’t assure that your photos and comments are known by some millions of people. This may happen thanks to ‘Tuenty’, the social networking website, targeted at the Spanish audience or ‘Facebook’, the world-wide social website.

I think the greatest advantage of these social networking websites lies on the great possibility to communicate to people from different cities or countries, in order to share information or upload a number of photographs that have a big interest to you or to the improvement of your professional career, or maybe for your personal enjoyment. But, it is your privacy that might be compromised several times and your photos or comments can be accessed by unknown people with hidden interests, Furthermore, these concerns have also been raising nowadays because of the difficulty of deleting the users accounts.

Another benefit is the use of these resources in the university, as a part of research projects or between different campuses, with highly guaranties to get your objective successfully. But these websites have met some difficulties because of the use they sometimes do of the information they have.. As a result of this, some universities have blocked these networks.

On balance, it would seem that Facebook and Tuenti offer benefits, unimaginable in the past, but the abuse of these resources could imply serious problems about privacy that governments should have to deal with.
Only the responsibility of users, behind some guaranties over personal accounts, would make these websites a powerful tool for global communication.

Elisa Fernandez Garcia