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Definitely not!

Fecha Thursday, 4 June 2009

Of course not! It is not a waste of time. It is not a waste of effort. Definitely not.
In my opinion this workshop is extremely useful, at least for me because it has helped me to improve my skills in writing so I could get better marks after following it.

To begin with, it allows you to practise different ways of writing, e.g. formal and informal letters or e-mails, essays, reviews… You learn that each type of text needs a special format and the rules for writing them properly are different.

Another point is that it teaches you how to use the right vocabulary and grammatical structures in each case.

In addition to this, you feel really proud if your exercise is posted on the blog so people around the world can read it.

In fact, only those who didn’t attend classes or didn’t do the tasks could consider it a waste of time.

To sum up, I tend to think that workshops in different skills, complementary lessons, extra tasks and so on are always useful if you take an interest in them and work hard.

Maria del Rio

My opinion

Fecha Wednesday, 3 June 2009

It is quite clear that I am writing these comments because I have taken part in this course to improve my writing skills and for me it is obvious that I am better now than when I enrolled the workshop.

To begin with, I have learned the differences between an essay about pros and cons and about giving your opinion. I have always mixed both concepts because for me to talk about the advantages of something implied that I agreed with it.

Besides, when you have been told to read in English (e.g. a book or an article) you are only worried to understand as much as possible and you focus your attention on the plot, the scenes, the characters but you never consider if the book or the article presents a certain structure or if the author gives information in a logical order: introduction, body and conclusion. This is the logical structure that I have learned to use.

On the other hand, from my point of view the workshop was quite short because when I began to be more fluent the course was finishing.

To sum up, I can only repeat one sentence that our teacher said to us all the time and it is true that the students forget it when they are writing their compositions: ‘One idea, one paragraph’.

By Fe


Fecha Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I absolutely disagree with the statement that taking part in this workshop is a waste of time. In my opinion, it is an appropriate complementary activity which helps to improve learners their writing skills throughout the Advanced English course.

To start with, the workshop provides entertaining lessons guided by an experienced teacher, as well as other useful guidance which learners can download from the internet.

Another point to be considered is the fact that learners become more self-confident feeling that their skills are enhanced. Students well prepared compete against the ‘Certificacion’ exam in better conditions.

Finally, this workshop gives the learners an opportunity of meeting other students, and to establish new relationships. In other words, the worship is very entertaining.

All in all, taking part in this worship is, in my opinion, an entertaining way of providing learners clues for writing better and a feeling of self-confidence.

Manuel Fernandez