Artículos de November 2009

A new life

Fecha Sunday, 29 November 2009

More than 20 years working for the same company had made me think I was untouchable. “That will never happen to me”, I usually said. Nonetheless, several strokes of bad luck and a deep national depression made things twist violently. From one day to other, I had lost my job and I found myself powerless to do any other thing but throw in the sponge.

Not until I was able to overcome the sadness of my dismissal, could I realise how lucky I had been. As a matter of fact, the General Manager himself had been concerned about rewarding me for those years working together. Therefore I was paid such amount of money that I even thought of stopping working. Somehow, I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and three weeks later I was applying for a couple of positions.

On my first interview I made several mistakes, but I took advantage of them for the second, so that day after day I became the perfect applicant. Surely, someday I would be the prize companies will fight for. And that is completely the contrary to what was happening those days.

In the end, my moment of glory has arrived. Recently I have been offered an interesting job at a solid firm. My interviewer phoned me yesterday: “Congratulations! You have been chosen in between dozens of applicants”. He asked me to go to his office this afternoon to let him know if I accept the proposal. And there he was, waiting for me to say something.

By Teresa

A tale of love

Fecha Sunday, 29 November 2009

That’s the story of an impossible love that someone told me that can happen at any time anywhere to any man and to any woman. The only thing you need is a look that suddenly turns into a gaze and you can do nothing to stop love.

Sarah was in the first year of her studies at University and she was living at the campus, in the hall of residence. Coming the twilight, she used to go for a walk among the trees which surrounded it. They create a supernatural atmosphere mixing the bright red of the sky with the sheer delight held and locked in her heart. ‘I’m sure they would never understand-she thought as she had been doing since she felt in love-. My parents, as my folks do, consider culture and tradition the most relevant part of life. Rules, religion and more rules. They wouldn’t allow her only child to overstep the line. But me? What about my feelings? It doesn’t matter, it seems.’ Her eyes were full of tears when the night came. She returned to the residence with a clear, painful decision taken.

The following morning she was at the bus stop, sitting on the suitcase, when he appeared. She had decided not to see him anymore not even to say goodbye. She knew she wouldn’t be able to do it. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘The correct thing I suppose. Don’t make it more difficult, please’. ‘That’s not the way, sweetie. We can manage. I know. We love each other’. ‘That’s not enough. At least, not for us. Our families never…you know what they’d say: Jewish and Muslims can’t be together. The ceasefire won’t change that’. ‘Please, don’t go away. I need you’. The bus stopped and when she was in the first step, she looked behind and felt his eyes staring at her; as she told me some years later, she didn’t know how to explain what she felt: ‘he was just scowling at me and that hurts even now. I’ll always remember that there he was, waiting for me to say something.

by Aurora

There he was …

Fecha Sunday, 29 November 2009

Nicholas had never wanted to set up our business. He always used to say to me that risks were not for him. But I was fed up of an underpaid job where I worked a lot for an ungrateful boss and besides, I have always been more determined than him so, I insisted so much that he finally agreed to my wish. “I’m with you” he said to me. “And I’ll support you”. He has always done his best to please me.

I had always dreamed of running a small homemade food restaurant. I wanted it to be a place where people could come to enjoy innovative dishes in good company. I had a very clear vision in my head of exactly the kind of environment I wanted to achieve. A smokeless, noiseless and “cool” place. I only had to find the perfect location. And I found it. “Look” I said to Nicholas, showing a spacious and bright local in the city center with a poster for sale. “It’s our chance”.

It was a big gamble, but we spent a few months renovating the local and opened Restaurant Sacha several months ago. I left my job and took on a cook and a waiter. And Nicholas helped me on weekends. Everything went smoothly. Our restaurant always was full and people went away pleased and promising to come back. And Nicholas and me began to make money. But…, the more money we earned, the more we distanced ourselves. We arrived home so tired, that we could hardly speak.

I was so busy that I tried not to think of our rift and acted as if all was OK, but last night, when I was closing the restaurant, next to the front door…, there he was, waiting for me to say something.

by Moldavia

A rainy night

Fecha Sunday, 29 November 2009

It was a cold rainy night, like like any other autumn nights in Asturias. I was going to my friend’s because we had decided to spend the night there, watching a film.

Suddenly, in that dark and solitary street, I heard a strong noise that frightened me. I started to run instead of walking. I had the feeling that someone was chasing me.

I had a look behind and I saw him. He was in his thirties, wearing a long coat and a woolen hat. It seemed as if he wanted to say something to me. I couldn’t hear, I only ran. My legs started to fail.

Some minutes later, I was so exhausted that breathing was a big effort for me. I thought of phoning my friend but, what a bad luck! My mobile phone wasn’t in my bag, I couldn’t believe it, I had lost it!

I decided to go back home, this time I caught a taxi because I still wasn’t calm. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. I had never been so frightened in my life, what a horrible experience! “We got home, madam”, said the taxi driver. I paid him and I went straight to my house’s door when my heart stopped to beat.

There he was. He looked exhausted, looking at me. I was petrified, my legs shook and I couldn’t utter a word. He walked towards me (I think I was going to faint at that moment) and he gave me something.

I realized that he was trying to give me my mobile phone, “oh my God” I thought, perhaps he  found my phone, perhaps he only wanted to give it back to me, perhaps I… I didn’t know. I still couldn’t move.

There I was, feeling like a stupid girl. And there he was, waiting for me to say something.

by Lucia Alvarez

The wait

Fecha Sunday, 29 November 2009

Have you ever felt as if your life run away between the fingers of your hands? I´m fifteen and that day was the first time that I felt something similar. “Why is it so difficult to be a teenager?”

He is the most gorgeous creature that has ever been on earth…how is it possible to be so perfect?. That morning when the clock was at quarter to nine exactly my heart started to beat as if two hundred horses were running over an unspoilt wild meadow. Then, nothing, just silence and the horrible feeling of being a puppet; my body was made of rag, in my brain there were only lots of detached cables and my throat seemed a desert in which a black dangerous scorpion was preparing itself to attack its prey.

He appeared as always in his wide trousers, with the rucksack touching the back of his knees and that fringe that made him so cute!

It’s gonna be another typical morning in the life of a high school student, but suddenly the scorpion that was in the desert of my throat scaped and I saw myself pronuncing such stupid infantile and nonsense words - “why don´t we go to the cinema togeter?”

The bell rang, maths lesson started and I recovered my human body. At the breaktime there he was, waiting for me to say something.

by Isabel


Fecha Saturday, 28 November 2009

It was an unbearable situation. My family and me were suffering constantly due to the famine and unhealthy conditions. The way of life in my country was terrifying, this situation infuriated me, death and suffering in all the places.

I had the burning ambition to change the situation so I decided to go away and fight in favour of the human right’s in the world but it was necessary to go abroad.

The first problem I found was money. I had to work very hard to earn enough money to pay for a means of transport, but when you are determined to do something, -Nothing is impossible!-

My parents were very worried but they encouraged me and were extremely supportive. I couldn’t have done anything without their help.

Fortunately I managed to move to another country where I worked very hard and at the same time I studied teaching. It wasn´t easy because I had to face several challenges as learning a foreing language, the cultural shock, racism, etc.

Finally, I considered the best way to help my country was to return and teaching the good things I learned.

I´ll never forget when I arrived at the airport and I met my father deeply moved. There he was, waiting for me to say something.

by Agatha

In the park

Fecha Saturday, 28 November 2009

She was relaxing in the park sitting on a bench, looking like another young woman that was keeping an eye on her kids while they played and shouted around the trees. But in fact, under the perfect light of June she was travelling back to the past.

The first important decision that she had taken was to study Medicine. It was six terrific years and suddenly “It is incredible, so young and you are already a Doctor…” That was the way her family saw it.

After that, five training years to become a surgeon and suddenly she was in her thirties.Throughout these years, she had had some charming partners and once she had allowed herself to enjoy thinking about marriage and kids, but at last the relationship didn’t root because of professional requirements.

The following years, most of which she had lived abroad, were plenty of exciting jobs and great achievements. While all this was going on, no much more than close friends were allowed in her personal life. Unexpectedly, a special close friend became more and more important to her ending up in marriage. For a couple of years they faced the challenges of their new life enjoying of each other.

Sun was declining and the woman glazing at her watch stood up and left the park.  It had been four weeks ago when out of the blue she realized that she was pregnant.  Feeling a strange mixture of joy and fear and bearing in mind that she was thirty-eight, she asked a date with the Obstetrician and the necessary test had been done.

by Balbina

Ready for a balanced discussion?

Fecha Friday, 27 November 2009

Howdy everybody,

I know for sure that most of you are eager to write. Christmas is near and you have to hand in your balanced discussion by 15th December, so this is your next task:

“Spending Christmas with your family is a blessing as well as a curse. Disccuss.”

Although there is a lot to be said, please control yourselves and do not exceed 200 words.

Good writing! ;-)