Artículos de December 2009

Writing an informal email

Fecha Tuesday, 22 December 2009

When communicating via email with our peers it is very common to use emoticons and acronyms. It is impossible to have them all under control because the list is endless and day by day it grows up. If you want to know more, have a look here. It’s amusing and entertaining. And, who knows, perhaps you learn something new!

Formal letter

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

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Love and peace

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

Love and peace! Year after year the same promise. It seems as if people really tried to be happy despite their usual difficulties or mishaps and they tended to meet friends and family on Christmas days. But are things as simple at it seems?

In our hectic modern life one of the greatest benefits of this tradition could  be

the fact that Xmas Holidays force us to stop to keep in touch with our beloved ones but it may not be always so pleasant for some people who for example don’t get on well  with somebody.

It is also important to remember the gastronomic aspect that inevitably surrounds this kind of meetings. Few people would disagree that tasting delicious delicacies make us feel happier, How to get a menu which all the guest enjoy? Is not an easy task and in fact it can be the cause of some arguments.

Another nice thing about Christmas holidays is to share the house because some relatives are living in other places. However it is by far more complicated for the host family, especially if there are naughty children. Then it can end up in a a complete disaster!

All things considered, it seems that spending Christmas Holidays with the family is great to improve our relationships but only when people take care and try not to invade somebody else’s rights, no matter how close teir relationship is, you can never abuse of their hospitality.

by Volvoreta

Christmas Spirit

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

December 24th. Christmas Eve. When we were younger we could not avoid spending the whole night with a mixed feeling, something in between happiness, joyfulness and excitement. As times goes by and we get older, we stop seeing that magic night with a child´s eyes. Suddenly, we do not fancy the idea of spending Christmas in family. Is Christmas spirit vanishing, then?

One of the most significant advantages of being a child is that you usually think people around you is as happy as you. That is why they enjoy this special date so much: they feel immensely cheerful and they like meeting each member of their big/small family every Christmas Eve, as they are helped to get that positive feeling bigger and bigger.

While it is true that most adults are able to continue with this passion throughout their lives, it is also a fact that many others cannot fight against old quarrels, envies or just simple differences of characters. By doing this, Christmas may lose its original meaning and, in case the family is able to sit down to table, Christmas´ spirit probably does not go.

All in all, I tend to view that we should allow us to return to innocence and recover some of those blissful feelings. We need to give our family a chance. Whatever the purpose of the dinning is, we should leave our differences away. Only if we use the forgiveness instead of the pain, will we be able to love and be loved.

By Teresa


Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas is already here and, as every year, we must decide how to celebrate it: alone or with our large and loving family? There is no doubt that spending Christmas with our family can be a pleasure, but things could also go wrong and become a curse.

One of the greatest advantages of family Christmas is the joy we feel to be together. We tell each other the news, talk about children, eat, drink, sing Christmas carols, laugh,… But, suddenly, someone makes a comment that not everyone understands and the problems begin: the one who gets angry and yells, the other who gets upset and cries and you, you start thinking about how well you would be alone at home.

And you must bear in mind the cooking and the family’s reunion place. It’ s very nice to be the guest and get everything done but, what about when you are the one who has to prepare all things?

And, while it is true that, with a large family, you get lots of gifts, it must not be forgotten that you also have to spend a lot of time and money in finding gifts for them. And success is not always guaranteed, neither on your side, nor theirs. Who has not given a pair of hideous earrings or a shirt three sizes too small?

All in all, I tend to the view that a family Christmas offers a lot of benefits, but also some risks. We need to be patient and have a great sense of humour and, if not, there’ s always the option to go on a trip with your partner.

by Moldavia

Xmas and family

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

Every year when Christmas is coming I have the same thought: will I spend it with my family?

Over the past few years, psychologists say that it is important to spend as much time as possible with our closest relatives, as they give us love and comfort. There is no doubt that family can be very benefit to us, but things could also go very wrong.

While it is true that one of the greatest benefits of spending Christmas with your own family could be that you are with the people that have known you since you were a child and they, of course, know what you are really like, what you like and how you always feel, it must not be forgotten that you are not that child anymore and maybe you don’t like to be threatened as if you still were.

It is important to remember that parents have given us everything and our brother and sisters have been a very important part of our lives. But it is also a fact that mother, father and brothers and sisters in law are, most of the time, not as closer and not as friendly with you, especially in those days, when everybody seems to be very nervous.

On balance, Christmas at home offers benefits but also some risks. We need to be calm. Only if we love our family and think of them, this week will be a blessing rather than a curse.



Isabel Rivera Galicia

Let’s enjoy Christmas!

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas, this colourful and shinning time is coming…how much must we be careful?

Firstly food. It’s true that traditionally we have celebrated and enjoyed Christmas with some special meal dishes for centuries, and it used to be delightful. But nowadays you are socially obliged to have endless lunchmeals, cocktails and dinner in company of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. You must have lots of delicious food and rivers of drink (alcoholic drink, of course) that turned you stomach and made make you feel permanently exhausted.

Secondly money. Christmas is the truly gift time. There is Santa Claus or The Three Wise Kings or…why not profit both proposals? It is a charming tradition Santa or the favourite Wise King making our dreams comes true. Especially for kids but the vision of the gift’s mountainmountain of gifts, wrapping luxury and sophisticated promising all kind of delights is also irresistible for adults. Buying is compulsory, for the parents, for the kids, for the close friend, for the favourite aunt and for that man that made you a special favour. You starting being in the black and could finish this magic time being in the red, near the bankrupt.

Finally emotions. Christmas time is a pressure cooker plenty of joy, melancholy, love, hidden hate and hundred of feelings that could break out.

In this scenario you have to choose: enjoy it or flee.

by Balbina

Spending Christmas with your family is a blessing as well as a curse.

Fecha Sunday, 20 December 2009

In his poem “Waste Land”, T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruellest month but, from my point of view the suitable candidate for holding this post is December. This assertion is supported by the consumerism that invades families all over the first world. Goodness and charity should be the pillars of this time as they were in the origins of the festivity. Year after year, I am more aware of the cynicism that underlies Christmas.

As I see it, if you belong to the lucky part of the world and if you have also the chance of not being an outcast, excluded or lonely person, you can celebrate this time with your family, if it is a united one, of course. This is the key to happiness. If your case is different from this archetype you will hate this period and conclude with me that December is the cruellest month. This situation is more dramatic for children. You do not have to think about the breach between first world children and third world ones. This is too much wide to compare. But boys and girls living in the same place have such different familiar situations that it can be, and it is indeed, really difficult for them to understand why someone who goes to their class or live in their building have better (expensive) presents than them. That is what western society has achieved.

In conclusion, Christmas is a blessing if you are able to enjoy it with someone, no matter if it is your family or people who need to have some love in these days and being a bit more comfortable than usual. On the contrary, it is a curse if you have forgotten the true purpose of it and you only see the materialistic point; even if you have a family, you would not appreciate Christmas due to the fact that you would be immersed in the folly shopping to have the ideal present instead of share your time with its addressee.

by Aurora