Never-ending Story

Fecha Tuesday, 26 January 2010

  Have you ever been in Fantasy? Have you ever seen a Stone-eater, a southern Pixie or a race snale? What would hppen to Fantasy if we didn’t believe in it anymore? What would you do if you were the only one who could save it from The Nothing? Are you ready to believe in it?Bastian’s life changed quickly when he stole that mystery book with that strange symbol on the cover. He couldn’t give it up and he felt as he was taking part in the story: The Nothing is destroying everyplace of the Fantasy Kingdom and Atreyu has to find a real boy who could save Fantasy from disappearing. Perhaps Bastian could be this boy…The Never-ending Story was shot in 1984 and it is based on Michael Ende’s novel. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, it is a “U” film, a tale for children and adults. It takes you to an unreal world where dragons can fly and all kind of creatures live together, and makes you develop your imagination, to realize that you still believe in fantasy and that tales usually become real.A superb soundtrack makes the film even more moving than it is and you will enjoy it very much.I can thoroughly recommend it because it is and it will be my favourite film ever and I never feel tired to watch it.You won’t regret to enjoy the Never-ending Story with your family and they won’t feel disappointed. Enjoy it! And believe!LUCÍA ÁLVAREZ FERNÁNDEZ

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