Some Like it Hot

Fecha Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I am very grateful to the Mafia because talking in film terms is indirectly responsible of a number of my favourite films ever. ‘Some like it hot’ was directed by Billy Wilder who also had written the brilliant screenplay with I. L. A. Diamond.We are in 1929 and in the U.S.A social issues were going from bad to worse.The action starts in Chicago, punished by a really hard and cold winter. Two musicians, a bit silly people, survive playing jazz in clandestine bars managed by Mafia. Having lost their job they witness, for a really unfortunate coincidence, Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre while the  struggle to still alive. The opportunity to escape comes up as a job in an all-girl band, which means they have to dress up in drag. Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) transform their appearance and attitude becoming Josephine and Daphne, joining the band and going to Florida. This great hoax is riddled with funny misunderstandings.  One of the girls is Sugar Kane a girl who plays ukulele  (sexy, charming and stunning Marilyn Monroe). Tony Curtis is determined to seduce her by adopting a new simultaneous role as a fake millionaire. At the same time, an authentic multimillionaire Osgood Fielding III (a superb Joe E. Brown) is getting attached with Daphne, playing  both an unforgettable  scene dancing ‘ La Cumparsita’. It is also Osgood’s closing statement “nobody is perfect”, which resumes the ironic and tolerant director’s point of view about life.This terrific film has shot in black and white. The smart plot is a perfect mix of serious and funny themes It has a splendid soundtrack, and amazing performances.  In my opinion is an exceptional film and no doubt, one of the greatest movies of all times.M.Balbina Mariño

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