Exams: take them or not

Fecha Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What would you think if you didn’t have to do any exams anymore? Would this decision be important in your future as a qualified worker?

Teachers in public schools are thinking of not having exams in their  courses. In their opinion, some kinds of stress and changes in pupils’ personalities are caused by exams. If pupils usually go to their classes, it would be easier for them to have a constant test, which means that they will have to study everyday because every answer, the homework, their interests in the subject, etc. will count on their final qualifications.

Of course, students are very happy. They think that, this way, they will study less although they were told that it is not going to be easier for them. The student representative told me that some classmates don’t agree with that change in education because nowadays they prove everyday their abilities in class and exams are the way to stand out.

Besides, they have a lot of subjects and sometimes it is impossible to study everyday because of lack of time.

We are looking for a better way of teaching but, from my point of view “the new” or “the unknown” frightens everyone; it is as if you couldn’t control what is going to happen. We will have to wait a year to see if this new idea works and what is more important, if the student’s knowledge is better or not.

So, see you next year, ready to talk about this subject again.

by Lucia Alvarez

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