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Fecha Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Concerned about the high number of people who do not attend their exams, both the Head Teacher and teachers from the Official School of Languages in Oviedo have recently decided to abolish examinations. Although decision-taking was very tough, teachers say merely to be using a proper and effective method of assessment. Nevertheless, it has divided the institution into two groups: those detractors who consider the measure useless and poor, and those who support the idea and consider it the end of a torture.

Despite continuous assessment will help the rhythm of the course to be more fluid, it is a sad fact that some students could probably work from May to June. Therefore, those who spend the whole year studying and attending the classes will have the same opportunities than those who do not. Let’s remember that the main purpose of educational institutions is to teach how to learn.

However, an increasing number of students suffer from such enormous stress, that they forget everything they had been studying for weeks. In order to avoid this sort of situations, a remarkable measure was suggested at the meeting: the development of a project work. It will allow students to be assessed by their knowledge of a topic and their vocabulary. Never again will stress make them fail a subject.

Admittedly, new and modern methods of learning are to be taken into consideration for future generations. Nowadays, students demand a better education in order to become greater professionals. Nonetheless, continuous assessment would be a serious risk for students who have problems when opening a book. So it would be necessary to discuss some other ways of examination.

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