I have a dream!

Fecha Tuesday, 9 February 2010

All the students have had this dream in their academic life!

Exams are largely meaningless. They tell you only that a student is more or less bright and capable of more or less application to study. They should be abolished and replaced by “achievement reports”, detailing what students know, what skills they have acquired, whether they are better at theoretical than practical work, and so on.

Some English teachers I spoke to, said that exams are just measurements of your ability to retain information and they do not measure your intelligence.

Inevitably, if you are a student you have to be marked somehow. But it can be based on continuous assessment and project work.

Perhaps you have a steady way of study and every night after class you review your notes and make a list of topics that are hard for you, at the end of every week you review those topics… If you study throughout the semester then you will actually know the topic, so that when you study before the exam it’s just a refresher.

But that’s not the real student way. The average pupil studies the night before!

Methods of learning should be more realistic about the way the students work. So I feel this is a real challenge to start changing the education of the 21st Century.

Isabel Rivera

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